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Dec 25, 2006 03:17 PM

Family Place near the Academy of Music???

I'm taking my family (young kids) to the Academy of Music. Are there any good family places for either lunch or dinner? Anything in walking distance?

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  1. Pietro's pizzeria is a few blocks away and there are always plenty of kids there. Depending on how young your kids are, you may be able to get by at a place like El Vez too. Actually there are a lot of restaurants close by that may fit your needs depending on how old your kids are and what type of food you're looking for cusine-wise.

    1. Your best bet might be Italian Bistro, which is across the street (on Broad Street) and about half a block north. There are always children there, and service is pleasant, fast and efficient. Salad or soup comes with everything; prices are reasonable.

      If they are a little older and like hamburgers, you could go to Ted's Montana Grill at Broad and Spruce - one block away. They have other things on the menu, but specialize in many versions of hamburgers - and fries, or course.

      There are many restaurants in the area, but most of them are more sophisticated and probably too slow for kids.

      1. I would second Ted's for kids. Lately all I see are families from the Nutcracker eating there.

        1. Ted's is very kid-friendly, but alas, on my visit there it just was not good at all, and so bad in fact that I emailed them, which is something I have never done any other time (to put it into perspective). The location can't be beat though!

          1. For lunch, I'd go to Cosi at 15th and Locust for sandwiches and make-your-own-smores for dessert. Thank you.