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Dec 25, 2006 02:50 PM

Ruth's Chris Pasadena Review

So, I ventured to RC's last night in Pasadena to see how it compared with the Woodland Hills location. Overall, it was a 6.5 out of 10.

We ordered onion soup (great), lobster bisque (good), filet (excellent), petit filet and jumbo shrimps (excellent), and asparagus (okay). I had asked for no butter for the steaks.

The service though was noticeably worst than the Woodland Hills location. The waiter came took our food order and took our drink order. The water boy then came again to ask us for drinks, where I then let him know that we already ordered drinks. The bread was pretty mediocre and disappointing.

We had our soups, and then the steak came (drenched with butter!). I then informed the waiter that I asked for no butter, so he took it back.

Overall, the food was pretty good, and the steaks were excellent. The service was definitely below-average for a RC grade restaurant. The Woodland Hills location had a superb waiter and excellent staff. I'll probably not return to the RC location any time soon.

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  1. You are completely right. For the prices they charge they should train their waiters and upgrade the quality of their food

    1. I think there's a drop off in professionalism in waitstaff as you move from the city to the 'burbs. Waiters in the city may have more attitude but they know what they are doing. Johnnie and Janie in the 'burbs are unfailingly nice, but they are students just playing at being waitstaff. Don't think this issue is limited to RC.

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        This discussion is veering off topic in terms of being unique to the L.A. dining scene, so I am posting my response on the Not About Food board: