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Dec 25, 2006 02:41 PM

Bar at the Charlesmark Hotel

Has anyone been? How is it?

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  1. Went a couple weeks ago. Sat in the upper lounge area with comfy couches where it was much quieter than the narrow bar area in front. Drinks were 8-12, strong and good if not amazing; mediocre draft selection (but that's not the thing, of course). They offer food from the place next door (forgetting the name), which we didn't try. Appropriately crowded for 10p on a Wednesday, with a mix of people (hotel guests, seeming regulars, us). Hope that's helpful...

    1. the food is from bangkok bistro next door. very mediocre thai.

      i went once with a friend. the service was haphazard, even though the place was nearly empty; the wines by the glass and beer selection were very ordinary; the cocktail list is of the sticky-sweet-frou-frou genre. decent people watching during daylight hours since it's copley square.

      1. I've been a couple of times. It's a good-looking space, but I was not impressed by the level of cocktail craft, and the specialty drink menu seemed geared toward sweet tooths. There are several places nearby to get a much better-made drink, including the Oak Bar, Bar 10, Citi-Bar, and Sorellina.

        1. Not that this matters much during the winter, but I was once shooed off their patio by a waitress when I wanted to order a drink and people-watch during a nice weather evening. The waitress said that the Back Bay Association required them to restrict the patio to diners. I didn't notice when I first arrived, but every table had a small appetizer on it (not all of them appeared to have been touched).

          Whether or not the bad guy is the Back Bay Association, a required appetizer along with a drink is a bit too much of a people watching tax for me.

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            Back Bay (and most of Boston) does have a rule requiring food to be be able to serve alcohol outside. They don't want a Tia's type atmosphere in a residential neighborhood. NE, I think has a similar rule.

            Tia's and The Landing on Long Wharf are the only exceptions I'm aware of..and The Landing had to accept a very early closing time..9 or 10PM in exchange for their license.

            1. re: 9lives

              It has to be one of the more frustrating Puritan things we've held onto. Can we ask for a martini in a brown paper bag? Heaven knows there are already plenty of drunks on Copley Square, a more creative way to limit rowdy behaviour than tying it to food would be appreciated. Perhaps the Cone of Silence from "Get Smart"

              1. re: sailormouth

                appreciate it also from a business perspective. two people out there for hours nursing a beer with a $12 check aren't exactly producing a profitable revenue stream for the restaurant. at least if you order food your check gets bumped up a bit. it's also a way to discourage lingerers.