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Dec 25, 2006 01:13 PM

Looking for a real butcher anywhere near Raleigh/Wake Forest

Drove out to Moss Foods in Louisburg yesterday, total let down. I guess I got too excited when I called and I could hear the band saws going in the backgroung. They told me they have everything and do custom cuts. The Wall Mart in Wake Forest has more selection and organ meats. I am looking for a true butcher or farm that sells sweetbreads, brains, oragan meats, onglet, veal bones...all the good stuff

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  1. Good luck. I lived in the Raleigh area for 2+ years and never found a real butcher shop. The best bet is to seek out the little ethnic shops, Mexican and Asian in that area. Some had hard to find cuts, or otherwise overlooked specialties. It is a shame the local butcher shops are becoming few and far between.

    1. Cliff's in Carrboro is your best bet. They carry a lot and can get you special orders. One person I know faxes them her order and then they hold it in the freezer.

      If you do want to buy from one of the ethnic butchers in Raleigh, it would help to know a little Spanish.

      Alas, the local butcher has been eliminated by the factory livestock farming and supermarkets.

      1. Have you been to Grand Asia in Cary's South Hills Mall? There's nothing that the butchers don't/won't sell. I don't mean to sound provincial, but cow penis? Really?

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          I remember Grand Asia always being good - especially for Seafood. Their turnover on certain odd cuts of meat and seafood was usually high too, which means fresher product. Also, if you ever need live crab and other live seafood, or even a few live turtles, look no further.

          1. re: Papa Kip Chee

            Try Larry's Super Market in Raleigh.
            Ask for Kevin, the owner.
            Fabulous butcher and great meat.

          1. The Bucther's Market is by far the best butcher in Raleigh. They have a location in N Raleigh and Cary. Best steak tips and great selections of meats.