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Dec 25, 2006 12:15 PM

Round table for 10?

I'm looking for a moderately priced restaurant for a group of 10 where we could sit at a round table. Preferences for cuisine would be American/Continental, French or Italian. We are open to any part of the city. This is for a post-holiday business dinner for 5 couples. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The round table is really the key for us as we only see each other once or twice a year it allows us all to interact as a group. Thanks in advance Hounds!

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  1. For moderately priced I like Danal on 11th between 3rd and 4th. They are a moderately priced french bistro. They have a great looking back room which may be able to seat 10 at a round table but I know they have a large rectangular "kitchen table" that seats ten.

    1. Compass has, if I recall correctly, two round tables that can seat ten. Although the a la carte menu is on the pricey side, there is also a 3-course prix-fixe for $35. Chef John Fraser's New American cuisine is delicious, the spacious dining room has attractive contemporary decor, and the noise level is conversation-friendly.

      1. otto has a large round table for 10-12 in their back room that i just sat at. be forwarned: it's right underneath a blaringly loud speaker.

        1. if you change your mind and decide to go for asian, congee village has large round tables (and no loud speakers)

          1. Tintol, a Spanish/Portuguese tapas restaurant, has a big square table with bench seating that could accommodate 10. There's a photo of it on their website: