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Dec 25, 2006 11:30 AM

is the dining room at the buckhead ritzcarlton worth it?

we are planning a one nite stay in Atlanta and were planning on dining at the Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton in Buckheard. I have heard mixed reviews on this...I know it's expensive but don't mind if the food is great. Any comments on this place or would you recommend somewhere else that we could easily get to from the Ritz?

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  1. You've heard mixed reviews of The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead? About the only possible objection might be the expense, and I'd certainly agree that anybody who'd be uncomfortable dropping about $300 per person on dinner (including wine, tax, and service) might do better to wait until such time that $300 per person doesn't sound so bad for a big night out.

    But if you are okay with the expense then you'll be delighted with the food and the service.

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      Hi. Thanks for the info. Are you serious that it will be $300 per person to dine? I thought maybe $100. If you are from the Atlanta area, could you recommend another restaurant near the Ritz Carlton that would be wonderful but less expensive. Thanks. Joni Mae.

        1. re: tstett

          Absolutly Restaurant Eugene!
          Their chefs's visit to Iron Chef will be televised in Feburary.

        2. re: joni mae

          joni mae, I mentioned $300 per person precisely so that you'd understand just how expensive this sort of dining can be. As HaagenDazs points out it's actually feasible to dine at The Dining Room for less than $300 per person (when we go it's generally some sort of celebration dinner, and we typically ge the most expensive tasting menu with wine pairings, etc.), but $100 per person is simply not going to cover it. And if you're suffering from sticker shock during the meal you're not going to enjoy the fantastic food and service. If you go in assuming that you'll spend $300 per person you'll be delighted to find that you've only spent $220 in the end.

          Restaurant Eugene, Joel, and Bacchanalia are all very nice, upmarket options. Not in the immediate neighborhood of the Ritz Carlton, but all reasonable drives.

      1. I've dined at the Ritz Carlton Dining Room there and it was fantastic. It was by far the best dining experience I've ever had (hey, I'm only 28!). $300 per person would be the upper, upper end of things in my opinion. My girlfriend and I went there and had the chef's tasting menu, wine pairings, tea after dinner and after dinner drinks and it was only a bit over $400 for the 2 of us. Go for it! It's GREAT!

        If that's still a bit our of your range, try Bacchanalia or one of it's sister restaurants. Do a Google search and you'll find all you need to know.

        1. The Ritz Carlton Dining Room is fantastic. It is like a dream. The food and the service are unbelievable. It is so worth it!

          1. Hi,Therese. Just wanted to let you know we dined at Emerils the other night cause it was walking distance from the Ritz Carlton. We did enjoy it, though I'm sure it wasn't the same par as the Dining Room. I had the best mussels with andouille sausage that I've ever eaten. The atmosphere is really cool there, too. So we ended up having a really nice dining experience. After all the rave reviews we read about the dining room, I'm sure we'll splurge in the future and try it out. It was just a little too expensive for our budget at this time. Thanks, Joni Mae.

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