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Dec 25, 2006 07:54 AM

What the heck is open on Christmas day???

I live in Hayes Valley - and the in-laws aren't feeling well, so our dinner is post-poned until the day after... which leaves me with a dreadful fear that i'll be stuck eating chinese buffet on market street.

so if anyone out there knows - what the heck is open on Christmas day? Where can a girl get some good food? i could cook - but i do that 6 days a week, and would like my vacation to be spatula free =)

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  1. You might check OpenTable, they may have a listing on what's open today. It's also my guess than many of the major hotel cafes and dining rooms will be open. And, then as you mentioned, probably everyplace in Chinatown will be open.

    1. We ate Chinese in the Richmond last yeat. The place was packed, the food was great! Forgot the name of the place, it was one of the Chronocle's "good cheap eats" picks.

      1. Peets is open for coffee and snacks.

          1. My family is also postponing Christmas- I'd like to get some grocery shopping done (?!). Does anyone know of any grocery stores open in the Berkeley area? I called the Safeways on Solono and Shattuck but no answer. It would also be nice to get a quick bite and glass of wine but I'm probably out of luck. Any suggestions besides Sutter Home and Cheetos from the liquor store?

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              The Safeway on College Ave. has always been open when I've gone there on Thanksgiving or Xmas.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Well, not this year. Nor was Peet's on Domingo open. Out for a long walk we didn't see anything open but a 7-11, a few coffee houses, one bad Chinese restaurant, the new? Taste of India next to Buttercup, and Afikomen.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  it's open this year (2007) until 4 both days; today is was a zoo, though!

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                For a quick bite, Saul's is open on Christmas ... tho be careful ordering (pastrami is ok as is the roast turkey) ... not so much on the wine though.

                Not sure, but I think Renee's place on Solano is open ... sort of cal-Chinese ... don't remember about the wine though.

                But then again, most Chinese joints are open ... but the wine is probably Sutter Home. Don't know about grceries.