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Dec 25, 2006 05:38 AM

Freezing roast beef

Whoa! Gonna have waaaaaaaay more roast beef than I need for Christmas dinner. What is the best way to freeze it? Should I pour the gravy on it and freeze it or.....


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  1. Are you can't use it up in sandwiches over the next few days? Cooked beef just doesn't take well to freezing, imo.

    1. Cut off part of the meat before cooking and freeze it raw. CI coked a tenderloin 2 weeks ago, but first cut off a 2-person-sized hunk. Thawed it yesterday and it was perfect for Christmas Eve dinner.

      1. Waaaaa.....

        Re Sandwiches....we are leaving on the 27th so I know we can't eat it all up before then.
        And I *wish* I had frozen some before but in a Christmas Eve daze I covered the whole thing in a herb paste so I don't think it will freeze well raw now.

        1. I freeze cooked roast beef after shrink-wrapping a la FoodSaver. Keeps for up to a "leftover" taste. Will keep 3-4 weeks in fridge. Vacuum sealed is just like canning.

          1. Freeze it in portions, so you only need to thaw what you're planning to eat that day.