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All You Can Eat Sushi in Portland area

I just moved up from the Reno area and was wondering if there are any all you can eat sushi joints in the Portland-Salem area. if you know of any please let me know :)

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    1. Todai is located on the top floor of Pioneer Place mall downtown. It's okay.

      340 SW Morrison

      1. i'm not sure how many of these places are all you can eat, but this is the best site i've found when looking for sushi places...


        1. Bobo Monkey -- We used to live in Truckee and went to Reno all the time for all you can eat. Just moved to the Portland area a couple months ago and decided to try Todai for lunch today. Our advice? DON'T BOTHER! If you're used to restaurants like Sushi Pier or Yen Ching, you will be totally disappointed. This place is a buffet in a mall where the food has been sitting around for god only knows how long. The quality was not good and some of the fish was warm, which was just gross. We tried the other options (egg rolls, tempura) all of which were mushy. For two people it ended up costing us $40 for lunch. The only decent part was the soft-serve ice cream. Otherwise a total waste of time and money. Sadly, all-you-can-eat sushi as we know it does not seem to exist in Portland!

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            "Sadly, all-you-can-eat sushi as we know it does not seem to exist in Portland!"

            This is probably true...while Todai is supposed to be better (and more expensive) at dinner, your best bet in Portland is to find one of the many fine sushi places and just order a la carte.

          2. Not quite buffet style, far from it actually. But you get burrito sized rolls and sushi cuts the size of some whole fish. Try Saburo Restaurant in Sellwood. Get there early or plan on waiting in line. Very decent and fresh fish, twice the amount of food for half the price!

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              Or go get some good sushi at a place like Murata and get their fixed price meal at $25 with two sets of sushi or go to Hakatamon and get theirs even cheaper.

            2. Bobo,
              I lived in Reno and used to drive up to Incline Village to Yoshimi, the best sushi place I have ever been to. I've been looking all over Portland for a place that combines the intimate experience of having conversation with the chef and all you can eat sushi. I've yet to find this experience in Portland. Todai is a large, brightly lit place. The sort of thing you would expect at a mall. If you ever find the elusive "perfect" sushi place please me, and everyone else, know.

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                by AYCE im guessing you're after cheap sushi. Cheap and intimate conversation with the chef, with good sushi is not going to happen. I will say that most sushi places are all you can eat! You're just going to pay for it........

                btw, Saburo's HORRIFIC! please god, dont do it!

                I cant speak for Reno, but I do know that AYCE sushi is also big in Vegas. some of them are servicable but none are memorable(of the ones I tried that came recommended). Cheap and sushi are two words I am not intersted in hearing in the same sentence!

              2. I just moved here from Reno, too! I used to work at a Sushi restaurant and am looking for a sushi place that has a roll similar to my favorite one: (long roll) Crystal shrimp and small slices of lemon and cucumber in the middle with rice and a slice of raw salmon on top with a dot of sriracha sauce. If any of you from Portland know of a place that has something similar, let me know! I miss it!