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Dec 25, 2006 04:43 AM

thanh thanh in arlington?

Hi Texas hounds,
My fiance and I are visiting the DFW area from NYC, and we're scoping out spots for us to have our wedding banquet.

Someone recommended a place called Thanh Thanh over on Arkansas Road in Arlington. Anyone been there? What do you think of it?


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  1. Thanh Thanh is where all asians have their weddings. I've eaten there once and the food is not all that. But it is one of the only "nicer" places to have a Vietnamese wedding in Arlington. I would suggest having the wedding in Richardson because there are much better venues there. Good luck.

    1. I ate at Thanh Thanh for the first time this afternoon. Banh Xeo was oily and leaden and was served with only two lettuce leaves, some rau ram and a little spearmint--no cilantro, no basil. Crab and asparagus soup had no discernable crab flavor, nor much of any other flavor besides canned asparagus. Mi Xao was flavorless glop on factory-fried noodles out of a bag. Braised pork in clay pot was served in a metal pot and was tough, leathery, and not even very flavorful. All very disappointing.


      1. What part of town are you going to be in? I would either in Richardson, large nice stage, lots of chinese weddings.


        Arc-en-cel in Garland

        Lots of asian weddings and very large

        both of these restaraunts have great food and are resonably priced.

        1. I don't like Maxim's atmosphere and the shopping center it is in.

          Kirin Court...maybe 1 mile away from Maxim has a more "upscale" atmosphere and the food is fantastic.