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Dec 25, 2006 03:48 AM

best taqueria in redding

In the opinion of those on this board, what is the best taqueria in Redding? I have been to a number but have not found any to be particuarly authentic or anywhere near as good as one in Williams, but I feel like there SHOULD be a good and authentic one here....any suggestions appreciated

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  1. not to divert, but because we travel 5 up to Chico, we are always looking for lunch spots. What's up in Williams?

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      roberta's taqueria in williams near granzella's has very nice tacos, a bit on the small side, but only $1.50 each. i think the carne asada tacos are particularly good. it's nothing fancy or unusual, but the blend of tastes is good, and much better than anything i've found in redding

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        I'll second this year and a half old recommendation. Just made the drive up to Portland from SF and was quite pleased. The carnitas had an excellent mix of moist bits and charred tips. The grilled steak of the asada and the stewed richness of the cabeza were also top notch. I thought they were a little heavy handed with the salsa verde for my taste, but that's a minor quibble at best. I saw that they were serving menudo today (Sunday), so it must be highly supported by the locals as well.

        Roberta's Taqueria
        530 E St, Williams, CA 95987

    2. thanks for the tip--we find Granzella's, which gets lets of mentions, underwhelming.

      We stopped last trip at Mexican restaurant just north of where Bill & Kathy's is, at a place advertised on a very small freeway sign. It is just off the freeway and in an old roadhouse/bar. Family run, decent food, excellent table salsa.
      IDNR the name. There MUST be other places like this up and own 5! Maybe they are there, but come & go too quickly to be known as constants.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        I like Granzella's for the free olive tasting and a beer break in the bar, but otherwise agree.
        We always liked that Chinese place in Williams just because it was like going back in time to about 1963.
        I'm usually in Hamburger mode in Redding, either at Bartel's or for an In & Out,
        but I'd enjoy knowing where these Taco Stands are hiding.

        1. re: bbqboy

          roberta's is on the same road as granzella's, just a few doors down, i think the building is yellow

      2. Hi, well, unfortunatly when you passed by Redding, you missed out on the best carne asada tacos you have had, however there is good news. Yes there is a truly, truly mexican taqueria in Redding. The name is FAT BURRITO, it's located just about 1/2-mile off I-5 Cypress off ramp going east, about 2 traffic lights just on the corner of Cypress and Larkspur, in the Walgreens shopping strip, just opposite end of Walgreens. You will find truly the best tacos and burritos and an array of meat choices. When it comes to carne asada, you almost have to go to Tijuana to find such great tasting carne asada. Next time you're around Redding, come check this place out, they are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 8:30pm., address is 916 E. Cypress Ave. Suite #100, (530) 224-1991

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          Hi alfredo- Sorry I missed your post on the other thread (I'm doing weight watchers right now and reading about food doesn't really help much.) I'm so glad to hear you tried and liked Fat Burrito! We think it's good, but you never know if you've lost your pallet entirely and are confusing "good for Redding" with "actually good." Nice to hear you concur.

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            Hi, I agree on Fat Burrito. Ate there a number of times during my trip and it definitely served the best tacos in town, and good huaraches as well. Just wish there was a place with a more substantial Mexican menu, but at least Fat Burrito is good for a start.

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              Fat Burrito has been closed for a couple of years now.

            2. Taqueria Los Gordos on Churn creek is authentic as they get. Its my fav in Redding.

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              1. re: biggiesmalls

                I second this rec. We used to live in the Watsonville area, and this hits the spot for us. The owners relocated from that area also (Soquel, I believe). Best Carnitas in town. They have a second branch on Pine and Tehama Streets in downtown Redding too. It's good also, but we like the Churn Creek location better.

                1. re: millvillemurphs

                  The carnitas are very good!!! And the Pastor.... Im making myself hungry haha