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Dec 25, 2006 02:07 AM

HOME on cornelia street for brunch

i had the scrambled eggs with leeks and spinach and fried oysters dish. i got a greens salad on the side. it was a very tasty breakfast/brunch dish.

i also had a bloody mary. that was mediocre.

whats the opinion on HOME these days?

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  1. I had dreadful service there not so long ago. Got verbally abused (!) by the waiter for only leaving 15% tip for a meal and service that were both extremely average. I will never return.

    1. I've only had solid experiences for brunch, dinner, and late drinks. I don't remember the bloody marys with any distinction, but they have a lovely hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and whipped cream, which makes for a great winter drink (although it really has to be frosty outside to be fully enjoyed). The service has always been very pleasant.

      1. I went with my boyfriend's family to HOME - the service was wonderful as well. We sat out back in the garden and they went out of their ways to make sure the heaters were surrounding us, keeping us warm. I remembered the bleu cheese fondue being excellent and the rest of the food good as well. Sorry you had such an awful experience. I will let you know if I go back...

        1. I've also had a mediocre brunch and dinner there. I'm not a fan.

          1. David Page and Barbara Shinn (HOME owners) also own a vineyard on the North Fork of LI, called Shinn Estate which they are very focused on and are adding a B&B to the property shortly.

            Perhaps this is an issue?

            I have always wanted to try HOME, but perhaps this is not the time...