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Dec 25, 2006 01:02 AM

Sushi-All U Can Eat by CBS Studios-Studio City?

Last night while leaving Outtake Bistro I noticed this "All U Can Eat" Sushi restaurant across the street from CBS Studios in Studio City, I never even knew of this spot-it was called Aki sushi or something similar?

Can anybody share feedback on this spot, compared to say Midori?



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  1. i don't know, but Midori is the worst sushi i have ever had. It made me very ill. I would say the sushi at 7/11 is more fresh.

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    1. re: baxtermadux

      Totally agree. The sushi at Midori is horrible. The fish is cut deli slicer thin. In fact maybe they use a deli slicer. I wouldn't be surprised. Also, all the fish seems very tasteless to my palate. I can only guess that it's because the fish is all sliced far in advance and the exposure to air has leached out the oil and much of the flavor. You also better like rice, because the nigiri sushi is served on rice meteors and if you don't eat it all, you get charged the al la carte price

      If, however, sushi rolls are your thing, and you love mayonnaise and imitation crab, you may enjoy Midori.

      As so many people have said, sushi and AYCE just don't work very well. Lord knows, I wish it did.

    2. I always wondered how places can have "All U Can Eat" sushi for even $15-20.00, just doesn't sit with me either?

      This spot I drove by last night is in Studio City on a side street down Laurel Canyon across from the CBS studios lot, curious on feedback on this spot?

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      1. re: Hypnotic23

        Stuart -
        A CA SHI SUSHI BAR is the name on the ABC website and it is located in what I believe was a former Subway sandwich shop. Directly across from the Radford entrance to CBS.
        No knowledge of the food, however.

      2. Thank you Carter, you are correct-very curious on if this spot has decent food or not, I like how it was secluded with a very neighborhood hidden feel to it, now to hear about the food?

        Happy Holidays,


        1. Stuart, I frequent the Farmers' Market in that area on Sundays, and have also noticed it and wondered about the food.

          However, I would think that with so many sushi bars in the area (most or all of which we've all heard of, some good, some bad etc.), it seems strange that you, I, Carter, nor the good lord in heaven have not even HEARD of the place, much less the food. Plus, AYCE and sushi should usually not be said in the same sentence.

          However, any Hound out there that can provide evidence to the contrary? The mystery continues...............

          1. I just rang this location and they said they've been there for 5 years, amazing that we haven't heard any reports on their food.

            The # is 818/760-0313

            They said $20 for lunch at $25 for dinner, I asked how it compares to Midori and he just laughed yet what would you expect a competitor to say.

            I might try it in the future,