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Dec 24, 2006 10:58 PM

jews in chinatown on xmas day

before i go to my usual haunts tomorrow --- either ping's or chanoodle, or maybe canton, any thoughts? does anyone know oriental garden, got a great review in zagat's? would also do vietnamese. how about a great peking duck recommendation --- and i don't really like peking duck house the duck is good, the rest of the food is soo so, IMO. happy holidays to all!

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  1. I thought Canton had closed. I like Oriental Garden. Have had three really good meals here focusing on seafood....soft shell crab ( not in season now..)..huge friend oysters..just look in t he tanks when you walk in and ask a lot of questions about what you see. They also have an excellent vegetable dish..some kind of mixed veg but among the best I've had...sorry I forget the name. You should search here, there are loads of posts on OG. You can even call ahead and reserve. It is not BYOB but they alow you to bring with a small corkage.

    I also like Congee on Bowery.

    1. I've been craving ny noodletown and I think tomorrow is the perfect time for a jew to go. Any other people going?

      1. Canton is gone. Don't assume you can waltz in to any place in Chinatown tomorrow: just like the swallows come back to Capistrano, the Chinese and Jews migrate to Chinatown on Christmas.

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          Dave is right. I guess I'm one of the swallows. Several places were booked for wedding receptions, including Fuleen, and Ping's was completely booked for the evening and not accepting walk-ins. We wound up at Danny Ng's after a half-hour wait to get in.

          1. re: americanafan

            Me too. Chinatown on Christmas Day is our annual tradition. We went to Noodletown. The duck mai fun was so so good. Everything else was good but that dish was the tops.

          2. re: Dave Feldman

            Chinatown was packed on Christmas Day. Both Dim Sum Go Go and Fuleen had been highly recommended and both had lines out the door. I wound up going to my old stand by Vietnamese place on Doyers. Dim Sum Go Go was much less crowded the next day allowing me to enjoy some steamed pork and vegetable dumplings and fried turnip cakes. Yum!

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