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Any restaurants open on Christmas?

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Are there L.A restaurants that are open on Christmas? We have our Christmas tonight so tomorrow we will probably go see a movie and maybe lunch or supper, if anything is open.

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  1. Chinese restaurants are usually open 365 days a year. Check out LA Chinatown or San Gabriel Valley--Valley Blvd from Alhambra to Rosemead.

    1. the nice hotels are open too as are a lot of kosher places.

      1. You do not indicate what area, so I just went on OpenTable.com to see in ALL regions within the greater LA Metro area and this link should help, yet I am sure you should narrow it down, based on where you want to be looking.

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          Thank you. You may have saved our bacon. (Or, our summer rolls actually.) :D

          (It's important to hit refresh once at the site - you get a smaller list of restaurants actually taking reservations now.)

        2. Most Chinese restaurants will be open. Dim sum places will probably be crowded for lunch. For some short lists, check out my mini-reviews:

          You should call in advance to make sure they are open.

          1. Art's Deli in Studio City is open all day on Christmas Day.

            1. Pacific Dining Car is open as they are ALWAYS - 24/7/365.

              Serving regular menu, plus some special Xmas stuff, they tell me. Not sure what the special stuff is, but I'll find out later and give you a heads up for next year.

              Breakfast is my favorite little secret there, fwiw.

              1. The Four Seasons hotel in BH has a wonderful brunch on Xmas Day. Call first to see if they can take you. It's pricey!!

                1. I ate at Pho 999, Victory at Sepulveda, on Christmas Day. There were plenty of seats available.

                  1. As with many we made a last minute decision to go to Pedals Cafe at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica and were reminded that we should come here more often. It's one of the best breakfast options on the Westside and a holiday gift when most restaurants are closed. This post is too late for this Christmas but if you need a NY day place you might consider it.

                    They were doing a $39 prix fixe plus their regular brunch menu which we opted for. My friend's salmon with an excellent buerre blanc and lobster potatoes (with nice pieces of lobster) was a reasonable $18 and I had a very good Cobb for a less reasonable $17 (did we mention hotel pricing?). A generous and tasty crab cake with an arugula, red onion and roasted corn salad was a nice starter for $13 which we shared. They have an interesting dessert menu and, of course, the butterscoth pudding caught our eye. $10 you say!!!!! It's very good and enough for three and the server recommended that we share one dessert as opposed to ordering two. Excellent hospitality all around. Coffee is $5 and iced tea $4.50 (we did mention hotel pricing). But with a beach front location and good quality food and service it would be hard to do better on the holidays or weekday breakfast.

                    By the way, the manager/maitre'd deserves special attention for grace under fire. While we waited the quoted thirty minutes for our table, we heard more stories and statements of incredulity as to why there was a wait. All he could do was smile and repeat, "Well, it is Christmas and a beautiful day at the beach." Indeed.

                    1. We went to New Kingswood on valley in San Gabriel. Food was excellent as always, and the room was as packed as i've ever seen.

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                        So were Kung Pao Bistro in Studio City and Bamboo in Sherman Oaks. Both were just jammed with 30 minute waits.