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Dec 24, 2006 10:32 PM

Blue Pear Edmonton

I would like to get a restaurant gift cert for my parents for their b-days in Feb. I have heard that one of the better restaurants in Edmonton these days is the Blue Pear. I have checked the website out it it seems pretty interesting. They mention that the 5 course pre-fix menu is $75 a person. But I have read reviews that say it was $50-60 a person without the wine pairings. Has anyone been to the Pear that could offer feedback as far as what the price deal is and what they thought of the food? Thanks a lot.

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  1. The Blue Pear is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elegant but relaxed atmosphere and an innovative menu that is consistently well executed (the advantage of a chef-owner in the kitchen, like Jack's Grill used to be)
    As for the price, it used to be $59 per person, but it would not surprise me if it has gone up like everything else in booming Edmonton. You can order a nice wine for about $ 40-45, like a Catena Malbec fom Argentina.

    1. It is $75 per person now. The prices went up some time ago (probably 8 or 9 months now). The $50-$60 is an old price.

      However, i find it well worth the while. The food was excellent, the wine pairings were great except for one, which they promptly replaced with another wine that better suit my preferences. The service was impeccable... butthe atmosphere is nice, but fairly relaxed. Lots of spacing between tables for an unrushed, unhurried, very private kind of experience.

      Sunday's is free upgrade night on the wine pairings. That paired with the food would make an awesome gift.