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Dec 24, 2006 10:10 PM

Green Tea

A lot of the green tea I purchase has very little taste. Why???

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  1. are you using loose leaf or tea bags. that may be your problem right there...

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    1. re: mermaidsd

      I am using tea bags--should one use 2 for a mug??even so I find the green tea weak-please advise

      1. re: marlie202

        in my experience, bagged green teas are across the board bad. you need the loose leaf tea if you want a more full bodied taste, although as other posters have mentioned, green tea is by nature very delicate tasting as compared to other hot beverages.

        try some 'genmaicha', green tea with roasted rice. you can probably find it at most japanese grocery stores.

    2. Have you tried Peet's Sencha (loose leaf)- probably the best I've had.
      Green tea, by the way, is supposed to have a rather delicate taste.

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