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Salt Lick BBQ

has anyone been to the Salt lick BBq at the New Red rock Casino in Las Vegas? I've seen the Original salt lick on the Food network and travel channel It's a Famous Open pit BBQ place in Texas

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  1. are you sure the vegas one is actually affiliated with the one in driftwood, tx? because, considering the original's history, i highly doubt that they would open a location in vegas...

    (just did a little googling)

    well, whaddya know..it is the same one! that's very odd...if they manage to set up a real bbq pit like they have here in tx, then it'll probably be really good...i assume they'll use the same sauce, which is SOOOOO yummy...i'd still be wary, but i guess it's worth a try!

      1. I actually went there on Saturday with a group of four. There was some question at first about how good it would be. But, it's great.

        First, portions are huge. Two women in the party ordered sandwiches. Salt Lick uses the loaves of bread they give out before the meal as buns. They could have split a sandwich without a problem. I had the beef, sausage and ribs combo. Beef is so tender, I cut it with a fork. Ribs also good. Sausage had a nice snap. Peach cobbler could have used more fruit but tasted good.

        Note: Red Rocks is far from the strip. You will need to rent a car. We had a car which was a good thing. It cost $20 to cab from the Mirage to Hash House a Go Go which is half the distance to Red Rocks.

        1. Yes, looks like Salt Lick is expanding beyond a bit, if with slight modifications to its recipes to suit the cooking conditions out there.


          Gotta wish them well if they can get it even 80% close to the mothership's meats.

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            Wow thanks for the Link VERY INTRESTING! Yeah Red rock is FAR From the strip It's almost 12 miles away! actually i was there 2 weeks ago Family vacation. unfortunally my parents don't care too much for BBQ like me. so i looked at salt lick at red rock but next time YUM YUM

          2. They are going to be opening an outpost in Santa Fe Station shortly.

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              Are they replacing the Memphis Championship BBQ outpost that is already there?

            2. I have to agree the meat was smoked to perfection and flavorful...we felt the side dishes left a lot to be desired. They were tasteless....

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                When you have Smoked meat perfection....... Who Eats Sides? LOL just give me Bread and lots of sauce... No really though Vegas is a HARSH enviroment I've NEVER had a decent cup of Coffee in this town, and forget about dring iced water...... YUCK the water is straight from Desert wells or the Mighty Colorado river Too Harsh too HARD. That may be why the sides come out not too good.. Maybe they should Cook with bottled water..

              2. Jlawrence - the Memphis Championship outpost has been closed for almost a year there. Not sure why it has taken them so long to find a replacement, although they were doing some other expansion (new sports book, for example).

                1. I found the meat at Salt Lick to be bland. The sauce is a weird vinegar mustard sauce is only good with the sausage.

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                    I've heard the same thing from BBQ'ers. I believe they only season with S&P, so that's why it's bland...there's so much more you can do for flavoring with a good, intense rub. Then you don't need any sauce.

                    BBQ should be about the flavor of the meat, but many think it's about the sauce.

                  2. Great meats , bad sides , understaffed

                    Im from north carolina so bbq is a passion the meats are the best west of memphis , but as others have stated sides are very bland and beans have been undercooked everytime . The meat sampler is 14.99 but if you feel like a 2 nd helping you can pay 17.99 for all you can eat . The brisket is A + everytime , the ribs can be hit or miss depending on fat content , so go with AYCE for 17.99 and get a 2 nd batch . But def best Q in vegas hands down . Way better than Lucilles at red rocks sister property GVR

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                      we used to live around the bend from Salt Lick...the sauce is to die for...and their ribs are the best...Whole Foods has come very close to duplicating the sauce with their Texas BBq sauce. the best brisket we found is at City Market in Luling...heard a tip on NPR from Ruth Reichel and she was right on...it melts in your mouth...and the trip is a real experience! Their sauce is similar to Salt Lick w/a little more kick. Whole Foods sauce has the best of both.