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Best last burger before meat fast?

I'm planning to give meat a rest in the near future, but would like a terrific burger for lunch on Dec. 28, which will also be my son's 15th birthday celebration. He likes the burger at Spago, for one.

Haven't been to Lucky Devils--would that be a memorable burger? Please offer up your favorites. I used to love the one at 72 Market, if anyone remembers back that far...

I like a substantial, interesting bun--not a big fan of soft, puffy, plain white buns. And top quality beef, of course. Also like ketchup, so Father's Office is probably out, unless I can sneak some in. Do they allow kids, btw?

TIA for your input. I'll report back.

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    1. re: russkar

      Thanks--Which location do you recommend? Never been to any.

      1. re: Babette

        I believe tht russkar meant Morton's on Melrose at Robertson. They are open for lunch which, I believe, that Arny Morton's is not. Melrose Morton's is hardly a chain.

        Here is there menu. I believe that lunch and dinner are in the wrong places.

        Their food is amazing.


        1. re: Paliman

          Thank you both very much. That sounds good, I will call them.

        2. re: Babette

          The Morton's Downtown LA or SA(near SCP) are open for lunch they have best burger "hands down" (13oz of FRESH GROUND SIRLOIN)14-.

          1. re: russkar

            Are we talking about:
            Morton's the Steakhouse
            735 S Figueroa St # 207
            Los Angeles, CA 90017
            (213) 553-4566

            or the Morton's on Melrose at Robertson for which Paliman provided the link?

            Thanks for clarification, I'm not familiar with either.

        3. re: russkar

          Agree. I like mine medium rare, with cheddar and sauteed mushrooms.

        4. the burgers at the roosevelt hotel's burger place are supposedly v. good - but i've never tried them.

          no kids are allowed at father's office (21 and over b/c it's a bar - and it's enforced).

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          1. re: dtud

            the place is called 25 degrees

            1. re: wilafur

              I've been...not too impressed. Wanted it to be great but the meat was disappointing.

          2. Beechwood has an awesome burger. Kids aren't allowed in the bar/lounge area, but you can eat in the restaurant. You won't be sorry.

            1. Best Burger on Western Ave Between Jefferson & Exposition They have a Double King Burger 2 pounds of FRESH ground beef with whaterever toppings you want cheese, bacon, chili, fried egg...... Or You can go healthy and get the Turkey burger.....

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              1. re: Skunk2Racer

                Two pounds! Anyway, do you know if the Best Burger is related to the one on Washington Boulevard? Not sure of the exact location, but I think it's between Crenshaw and Western on Washington. I think it's the name of the place. Not sure of exact name, but it's always closed when I drive by. Painted a truly ugly yellowish color. I might try the "small" size of that burger.

                1. re: Feed_me

                  Don't know if it's the same... Both have the same though..hmmm. No i ONLY go to the one on western. The one your talking about is on washington between buckingham & La Brea not crenshaw&western which is further east Try the King which is 1 pound or the regular Double which i think is the same amount of meat. But you gotta a Double king as a Conversation piece. It's Funny.... It literaly looks like 2 thick slices of Meat loaf topped by 2 small buns to me it looks like A certain part of female anatomy ( o ) LOL

                  1. re: Skunk2Racer

                    Thanks for the information. I'll try the one you suggested. I'll either try the King or the regular Double. Sounds good!

              2. Check out Morels at the grove

                1. It may not be fashionable (anything but); still, Cassell's continues to live up to the vision of founder Al Cassell. Well, he wouldn't be happy about the fries (he never served 'em) or the turkey or veggie patties. But the meat is still great, the home-made lemonade ditto. And once you're off meat, you can still go to Cassell's for the egg salad sandwiches.

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                  1. re: LSD

                    Yup, go to Cassell's and order a #31(2/3 of a pound). They have a ketchup pump too!

                    1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                      Cassell's is great but more for the lemonade, potato salad and kitsch. The burgers themselves are just good, not what I'd choose for my last.

                  2. I think Houston's has the best burger around.

                    1. People, no one has mentioned 26 Beach Restaurant. I just had dinner there tonight with friends. I had my favorite the Ole, bacon, cheese and guac. on a Brioche bun, that they bake there, along with fresh cut fries. Check it out, they also have Kobe patties they can substitute.

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                      1. re: Burger Boy

                        I find their burgers passable with the toppings, but the meat itself is flavorless. Have you tried the Kobe burger? I would be interested to know if it is an improvement on their regular patties.

                      2. The Hungry Cat. Everytime it's been cooked to perfection. But it's a messy meal!!!

                        1. So, you're looking for "a memorable burger"? Here are 4, and some honorable mentions, for your consideration:

                          The Candidates:
                          Mako's "Wagyu Burger" - homemade sesame bun, chinese hot mustard, lettuce, tomato and 5 spice port wine sauce with Tempura Onion Rings - $16

                          Boneyard Bistro's "American Kobe Burger" - Red Oak grilled with 4 cheeses to chose from, bacon, & house smoked onion aioli - $19 add pan seared Foie Gras - $32.

                          Carlitos Gardel's "Hamburguesa Carlitos - The Hungry Man's Challenge" - 1/2 pound ground chuck.... - $14.90

                          The Shack's "The Shack Cheeseburger" - 1/4, or 1/2, pounder topped with either a spicy Portuguese Sausage or a Lousinana Hot Link and ..... - under $10

                          Honorable Mentions:
                          Petro's "Greek Burger" - red onion relish, kafteri cheese, and beets - $12

                          Chocolat's "The French Disaster Burger" - with the usual stuff, I just like it's name; maybe they named it after their military prowess... - $13

                          Christine's "Gorgonzola Beef Burger" - portabello mushroom, red onion - $11

                          And if your looking for great ambiance and history on the westside, they have the usual high-end Hotel burgers at The Bel Air Hotel and The Polo Lounge for $22 to $34.

                          And no, I haven't personally eaten all of them, but if and when the opportunity arises, I'd be happy to.

                          Posh on Pico's "Latina Burger".

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                          1. re: JBC

                            Thanks for the comprehensive list. This is very fun trying to figure out what to do. The links are really helpful.

                            1. re: JBC

                              Thanks for your list and to the other posters. As someone always in search of a good burger and an excuse to eat 1, I look forward to trying them.

                              So many good burgers in this town & so little time before the heart attack.

                            2. Agreed, Arnie Mortons has the best Hamburger/Cheeseburger, hands down. I went there for lunch and was really shocked when they served me this beautifully proportioned, very tastey burger. I've been back 3 times! that would be my choice considering your red meat fast coming up.

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                              1. re: mjalz

                                How are the sides/ other dishes? Others may not choose the burger.

                                1. re: Babette

                                  Not to worry - It's Arnie Mortons. Mains, Sides, Specials, all real good. And the burger - 9.75

                                1. re: wazup1999

                                  apple pan - no and no and no.

                                  Bun is standard issue burger bun.
                                  Burger is good but not as last burger for "near future" or for Bday burger for someone who likes Spago's burgers.
                                  Atmosphere sucks for a last burger & Bday meal.

                                  1. re: burger

                                    Agree. Apple Pan is good for what it is, but again it's about the kitsch atmosphere, not the burger itself. Definitely not the last burger you want to eat.

                                2. I really miss the C Bar burger in what is now Cobra and Matadors on La Cienega and Wilshire.... that was a MEAN burger when it existed. I recommend the burger at Beverly Hills Diner on Little Santa Monica. Solid choice for something like white bun, burger, american cheese and fries with a little ketchup..... You can add whatever else you want as they have it, including a mean chili.

                                  1. A ``meat fast?'' The mind reels. Why not just have a sour, livery patty melt at Denny's or something so that you won't be tempted to stray.

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                                    1. re: condiment

                                      Eewwwwww, yuck... Very funny, but no, thanks.

                                    2. It's kind of a dive but SF Saloon just west of the 405 on Pico has some great juicy burgers...

                                      1. I can’t believe I’m the 1st to encourage your interest in Lucky Devils. Go For It ! IMO it’s a very “memorable burger”. Their Kobe burger meats your needs and will satisfy your son’s Spago level taste buds. Excellent meat- juicy, thick, distinctively good flavor. They’ll cook it how you like it, and based on other Chowhound posts- they seem to be pretty successful at cooking it just as customers request.
                                        Their buns are special(either potato or brioche bread) and griddle toasted. Many of the recommended burgers so far have pretty std buns. If you &/or your son like stuff on your burgers they have really good grilled caramelized onions, delicious “homemade” relish & aioli plus- good cheese choices.
                                        Their fresh made fries are also exceptional – texture (crispy but not too crispy) and taste wise (very good potato taste). 1 order is plenty for 2.
                                        The atmosphere is casual mod so-so. Personally, I don’t like TV’s in a restaurant even if their showing eye catching video loops, but hey-like at home- nobody's forcing you to watch.

                                        AND-What better time than celebrating a 15 y.o’s Bday is there to try their shakes and cupcakes?

                                        No I'm not the owner, or an employee, etc- just a very satisfied customer.

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                                        1. re: burger

                                          My one try there was a huge let down. The burger was dry, flavorless and unmemorable.

                                        2. Okay, most of these posts are pretty right no but I can't believe that the main candidates haven't been mentioned:

                                          first, if you can't do FO (because of the no kids sitch) then I would say The Counter on Ocean Park Blvd is great. So is the burger at Cora's Coffee Shop though it's not cheap (like 13). The place at the Roosevelt, 25 degrees, is quite good but nothing amazing. I found the Lucky Devil's burger a bit disappointing but the pecan shake is literally from a greater world. Amazing milkshake, which you don't have to give up on your fast.

                                          I've always liked In N Out, sans the christian propoaganda, and I think Islands is not bad. But for a memorable experience, try the above.

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                                          1. re: wideeyedraven

                                            Islands? Might as well go to Denny's. The Counter is all right, but again it's less about the burger than all the bells and whistles. The meat itself was a let down.

                                            1. re: blevine99

                                              That's an exaggeration. Denny's is terrible and nobody eats there. Islands is good for a chain, not good as gourmet, but I'll take it any day over the garbage they serve at Apple Pan. That burger is inedible, IMHO, and a saucy greasy, flavorless mess. The pie, on the other hand, is great.

                                          2. The burger at Mariposa, the restaurant on the ground floor of Neiman Marcus, is very good and cooked *correctly*. They also have wonderful, wonderful fries that are similiar to pommes souffle.

                                            1. You people are the greatest. My son has selected Lucky Devils for this event, but I am printing this thread to try ALL your suggestions once I fall off the wagon--and my son is excited to try them all as well. Thank you so much.

                                              1. an amazing burger at B and R burgers in hawthorne old fashioned delicious burgers.

                                                1. 25 Degrees in the Roosevelt Hotel

                                                  1. Lucky devils was great. Great meat cooked to perfection, I asked for rare and the waiter told me it would be "really" rare, so I went with Medium rare and it was perfect. And the french fries were great too. the only thing is that is really is just another version of the fathers office burger, but done great.

                                                    1. Don't over think it. Go to In-N-Out and get a double double.

                                                      1. The Report:

                                                        My son picked Lucky Devils, he got to choose as it was his birthday.

                                                        Despite having been warned by Burger's post of the so-so decor, I was taken aback at first by the stark coffee shop look and tv's on the wall. It was late afternoon, the room was quite bright, & the sleaze of Hollywood was in full swing outside.

                                                        Things improved from there. The service was friendly and attentive (we three were the only diners for most of the meal).

                                                        The menu states that all the ingredients are organic, a plus for me. The salads were delicious; our son had the chicken Caesar & we had the mixed greens. I'm not a big fries fanatic, but these were excellent--thin, crispy oustide, creamy inside, with great taste, as Burger mentioned. My son had the kobe bleu cheese burger, & we each had the kobe diablo with bacon, avocado, and a spicy sauce--not hot but quite tasty. The bun had a nice crust and was substantial, not the puffy white style I don't care for. All were cooked exactly as requested, and they did not disappoint. The chef came out to get our response; we were all happy.

                                                        The guys each got milkshakes: pecan & strawberry. I had tastes & both were exceptionally good; for me the strawberry had the edge. Super! Our son was offered the complimentary dessert of his choice--he picked the chocolate cupcake & was very pleased with it. We shared a brownie, it was perhaps the most ordinary item of the meal, we were full up anyway so took it home.

                                                        The restaurant began to fill up as we were finishing.

                                                        So it was a memorable burger & a happy birthday. Thank you all very much. I am saving the rest of the suggestions, will let you know as we get to them--we'll see how long this fast lasts!