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Dec 24, 2006 08:39 PM

Best last burger before meat fast?

I'm planning to give meat a rest in the near future, but would like a terrific burger for lunch on Dec. 28, which will also be my son's 15th birthday celebration. He likes the burger at Spago, for one.

Haven't been to Lucky Devils--would that be a memorable burger? Please offer up your favorites. I used to love the one at 72 Market, if anyone remembers back that far...

I like a substantial, interesting bun--not a big fan of soft, puffy, plain white buns. And top quality beef, of course. Also like ketchup, so Father's Office is probably out, unless I can sneak some in. Do they allow kids, btw?

TIA for your input. I'll report back.

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    1. re: russkar

      Thanks--Which location do you recommend? Never been to any.

      1. re: Babette

        I believe tht russkar meant Morton's on Melrose at Robertson. They are open for lunch which, I believe, that Arny Morton's is not. Melrose Morton's is hardly a chain.

        Here is there menu. I believe that lunch and dinner are in the wrong places.

        Their food is amazing.

        1. re: Paliman

          Thank you both very much. That sounds good, I will call them.

        2. re: Babette

          The Morton's Downtown LA or SA(near SCP) are open for lunch they have best burger "hands down" (13oz of FRESH GROUND SIRLOIN)14-.

          1. re: russkar

            Are we talking about:
            Morton's the Steakhouse
            735 S Figueroa St # 207
            Los Angeles, CA 90017
            (213) 553-4566

            or the Morton's on Melrose at Robertson for which Paliman provided the link?

            Thanks for clarification, I'm not familiar with either.

        3. re: russkar

          Agree. I like mine medium rare, with cheddar and sauteed mushrooms.

        4. the burgers at the roosevelt hotel's burger place are supposedly v. good - but i've never tried them.

          no kids are allowed at father's office (21 and over b/c it's a bar - and it's enforced).

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          1. re: dtud

            the place is called 25 degrees

            1. re: wilafur

              I've been...not too impressed. Wanted it to be great but the meat was disappointing.

          2. Beechwood has an awesome burger. Kids aren't allowed in the bar/lounge area, but you can eat in the restaurant. You won't be sorry.

            1. Best Burger on Western Ave Between Jefferson & Exposition They have a Double King Burger 2 pounds of FRESH ground beef with whaterever toppings you want cheese, bacon, chili, fried egg...... Or You can go healthy and get the Turkey burger.....

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              1. re: Skunk2Racer

                Two pounds! Anyway, do you know if the Best Burger is related to the one on Washington Boulevard? Not sure of the exact location, but I think it's between Crenshaw and Western on Washington. I think it's the name of the place. Not sure of exact name, but it's always closed when I drive by. Painted a truly ugly yellowish color. I might try the "small" size of that burger.

                1. re: Feed_me

                  Don't know if it's the same... Both have the same though..hmmm. No i ONLY go to the one on western. The one your talking about is on washington between buckingham & La Brea not crenshaw&western which is further east Try the King which is 1 pound or the regular Double which i think is the same amount of meat. But you gotta a Double king as a Conversation piece. It's Funny.... It literaly looks like 2 thick slices of Meat loaf topped by 2 small buns to me it looks like A certain part of female anatomy ( o ) LOL

                  1. re: Skunk2Racer

                    Thanks for the information. I'll try the one you suggested. I'll either try the King or the regular Double. Sounds good!

              2. Check out Morels at the grove