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Indian Beer

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Could anyone suggest some good Indian beers?

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  1. Most of the regular beers one finds in an Indian restaurant are fairly bland lagers such as Taj Mahal or Kingfisher. My favorite of the commonly available lagers is Maharaja, which has a little more depth of flavor, with a hint more hops.

    The best beer of the region is Lion Stout, from Sri Lanka, a very good, strong (8% alcohol by volume)stout. It has hints of fruit and chocolate and is very drinkable. It is not that overly dry, overly bitter style that some stouts suffer from. Lion also has a lager, which is just so-so.

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      +1 for Lion Stout. Also, the IPA suggestions below I believe will work very well with most Indian food.

    2. If you're pairing for Indian cuisine, you're better off going with some good, hoppy IPAs (India Pale Ales).

      Stone IPA is a great choice if you can find it. Other good ones are Victory Hop Devil, Bear Republic Racer 5, Anderson Valley Hop Ottin, and Deschutes Quail Springs.

      1. The one I always drank the most of in Bombay was a beer called "London Pilsener". Never seen it in the states... and yes, I did say Bombay. Us old-schoolers will never use the name "Mumbai" :)

          1. In my opinion Jaipur Lager is the best Indian beer I have tasted so far. And I have gulped a lot of Indian beers, since I have spent 43 years of my existence there. Jaipur Lager is not a mass market beer like Kingfisher or Haywards etc. Jaipur is a rare, small batch brew which is a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort if you are looking for something out of the mundane. It has a creamy body, sparkling golden appearance and a slightly complicated flavor. It comes in 650 ml bottles and has an alcohol content of 7%. It is brewed in India with Himalayan hops and pairs nicely with Indian food.

            1. I see that some folks recommended Kingfisher. Its not all that bad, kind of like a run-o-the-mill light lager (not that there's anything wrong with that...it actually goes well with any food, including Indo/Paki cuisine)...Just be aware that like several other formerly imported brands, Kingfisher nowadays is actually brewed in the United States (somewhere in New York, if I recall correctly).

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                Saratoga Springs, at the brewery that United Breweries acquired back when Mendocino got itself stretched too thin. Or maybe that was someone else's brewery and they were stretched too thin. IAC, UB acquired ownership interest in Mendocino and also in the Saratoga Springs brewery. Maybe Jess K can clarify.