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Dec 24, 2006 08:07 PM

New Restaurants in Chattanooga

Several good new restaurants have opened in Chattanooga in the last several months. I wanted to give my opinion and get others opinions:

Table 2- Opened in November, Cool atmosphere. Try the Tuna tartar, Thai lamb and the Frito Misto app. Wide variety of styles from the former owner of Bellagio

Blue Water- Part of the Gordon Biersche(sp?) group. Fresh fish, great atmosphere. Try the Jerk swordfish and the bread pudding

Blue Plate- near the Aquarium. diner style. Great homemade food and veggies. Unbelievable chicken fingers (yeah, I know, chicken fingers..)

Henons. Steaks and seafood. I had the filet and it was tasty. Several good appetizers

Foodworks- A converted warehouse on Manufacturer's Rd( across the river from downtown. Try the Blue cheese sweet potato chip app.

What does everyone think?

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Table 2- not been, but some very positive comments from friends.. other than service issues which hopefully come from just being so new and busy. Wasn’t at a fan of Bellagio.. half the people I know loved it, half the people I know didn’t. Im in the latter.

          Blue Water- Not a seafood eater but positive comments from friends.

          Blue Plate- First few trips at least one item on my plate was not even close to hot. Last visits everything had perfect temps so I guess they ‘fixed’ that. They opened with ‘pay at the door’ which I thought was strange but later the wait staff started adding “or I can take that”. I thought it was strange as it was a great way for the cashier to pocket cash tips from the wait staff. They have added weekend breakfast, which I think is strange.. As this place is never really that busy, I took this as a sign they might be struggling, which I later heard a rumour to that effect. I hope they make it… They might have thought being so close to the Aquarium would be a boon for them but their menu and prices do not cater to tourists and locals don’t want to go someplace so close to the fish tank…. It’s a really bad location for them.

          Hennans- I trust my folk’s opinion on this one. They eat anything anywhere.. from dives to fine dining in every major city east of the Mississippi.. Last trip mom said they were ‘over it’ and dad said the meat just isn’t that good… Its not want they want it to be- Ruth/Chris.. he said he can buy a steak at Greenlife that tastes better. They will be successful as people in Chattanooga don’t know any better.

          Foodworks- First trip I had Thai Noodles. After eating it I told myself to stick to eating Thai food only in Thai restaurants. Second trip I had Chicken/Steak pot pie and it was awesome. Third trip I had it again and there was hardly any chicken or steak in it. It was so good I want to give it another chance so I tried it a third time… zero steak and just a couple of chunks of chicken, its was just a milky white broth with a crust. Fifth visit I tried a pizza and the dough tasted like the frozen crap Dominos uses. Tho service has been good, Im not likely to go back. Five out six bad meals is enough for me. And Im not alone here as Ive heard not too many glowing reviews from friends who I trust.