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Dec 24, 2006 05:01 PM

Must-haves at Josie

I searched this but found posts months old. Any input?
Will be there tonight, late. Hopefully they don't run out of things.
And to confirm, is their corkage fee $20 but waived with another bottle ordered?

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  1. The burger is too over the top (buffalo, stuffed w. gruyere, topped w. foie gras), but the accompanying truffled french fries are among the best in the city. Get an order for the table, no matter how poorly you think they might go with whatever else you're eating.

    My perfect Josie meal would be a soup or salad to start, the fries, and the cepia and merguez sausage small plate. Save room for dessert. They will counsel you that this is perhaps not enough food because the portions are small. How stuffed do you need to feel on your way out?

    Their desserts are awesome. Peach pie (probably not tonight though) and a peanut butter/chocolate option are the ones I remember most vividly.


    1. I rather like the buffalo burger but the venison, the duck and the short ribs tagine are all outstanding choices if the buffalo burger sounds like more ingredients than you want.

      1. You can check out their menu which is dated Nov. 25, 2006, which is the most recent on their website.