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Dec 24, 2006 04:57 PM

"Korean-style" Poke at Koloa Fish Market on Kauai

Yesterday, I bought some stellar "Korean-style" poke at this fish store in Koloa on Kauai. I will definitely return to the store later this week to try more items. I would like to thank the chowhounds who recommended this place.

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  1. This may sound like a dumb question, but can you tell me more about the selection of fresh fish they have available? I will be there in March and plan to do a lot of BBQ'ing and cooking in my condo. Thanks in advance.

    1. They have three types of poke and some local fish. We sampled all the poke over the course of my stay there and were impressed with all of them. Basically, this is the only option in town. Forget dining out; the restaurant options in Kauai are not good, especially, from a comparison standpoint, if you come from a place such as SF or NYC. If you had to go out to one place I'd recommend The Beach House, located in Poipu, I believe. The small local greenmarkets are worth checking out too, though they there's often not a lot of merchandise for sale.

      1. Thanks - I'm from SF and have been to Kauai a number of times, hence my intent to do more of my own cooking rather than going out!