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Dec 24, 2006 04:52 PM

Kosher Parmesan Cheese

Where can i find a block of kosher parmesan cheese in NYC (5 boroughs)? Thank you.

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  1. Great Italian kosher parmesan at Zabars. Check first if they have it -- they ran out a few years ago, for a while. Haven't bought it recently, but it's good. I always keep a chunk in my fridge.

    1. Fairway usually has it, too.

      1. Although not in NYC, Wegman's in NJ has been stocking the parmesan cheese.

        1. ard (waiting 6 hours) stuffKosher Marketplace (Broadway & 90th) in Manhattan has both the Italian Parmesan and a couple of similar cheeses suitable for grating over a soup or pasta. The really hard (waiting 6 hours) stuff

          1. Fairway definitely has it. as for other stores, i'd say that friedman's on 13th avenue is doing a great job on expanding their cheese section (beyond sliced american cheese) so they probably have it too as would shoprite on ave i and mcdonald.