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Dec 24, 2006 04:16 PM

Orlando Suggestions

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season.

So, I will be in Orlando for about a week or so. Going for a conference and looking for some great restaurants. I'll be looking to enjoy a nice dinner out every night so I am looking for several top spots and I was hoping the locals, experts, guru's, etc. could help.

First, steak!!! I am a meat-eater first and foremost. I see Shula's, Del Frisco's, Capital Grille -- which is your top choice? Any others? How about Italian? Sushi -- I see a top recommendation goes to the new place in the Hyatt Grand Cypress. Any others? What about a top seafood place? I'd also like a nice casual night out, jeans, beer, etc. -- how about a nice pub/tavern with great food?

Thank you all very much in advance and have a great holiday.


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  1. Where are you staying?

    Do you have a car?

    Is distance important?

    Are you eating alone or with a group?

    Is price an issue?

    Best Italian in the tourist end of town includes Ristorante Tuscany in the Marriott World Center, Primo at Grande Lakes, and perhaps Christini's and Bice at Universal orlando. Perhaps.

    Dow far do you want to drive? Del Frisco's is great, but Capital Grille, Shula's, Vito's and Moonfish are all in the same ball park and a half hour closer. Texas de Brazil does a wonderful churrascaria for the carnivores in your life.

    For seafood try Fulton's at Disney or McCormick & Schmick at Mall at Millenia. Moonfish on Sand Lake also does a nice job, or you might want to try Seasons 52 for fresh food of all sorts including great seafood and a tremendous wine list. Also on Sand Lake

    Raglan Road pub and restaurant at Downtown Disney fits the bill for a pub/tavern.

    Also, spend a little time searching the board. Just enter Orlando and whatever style you want (Orlando, steak -- Orlando, seafood) and you will come up with a lot of good ideas.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      I think Del Frisco's is much better than either Capital Grille, Shula's or Vito's. I have not eaten at the other one. I ate at the Shula's in Miami Lakes, not in Orlando, and would never go back! As for Vito's, they overcooked my steak. We go to many steak places in a few different states regularly, including the much talked about Peter Luger's in Brooklyn. Del Frisco's is my favorite.

    2. Thank you all for the help. I was going to stay at the Ritz Carlton, but decided to stay at the hotel where my conference is -- the Marriott World Center Resort. It just works better for me. Glad to hear the in-hotel Italian restaurant is recommended.

      Yes I will have a car and price is not an issue. As far as distance, if it's worth it, I don't mind driving. I would like to stay relatively local -- 15 min. to a half hour maybe. No problem driving further.

      Mostly it will just be 2 to 4 people. Another friend of mine attending the conference already made reservations at Christini's. I was leaning towards Shula's -- perhaps as I want to make the "Wall of Fame", LOL.

      One night, I might be looking to go out with a group, maybe 8 to 10 people -- someplace top notch. Last year in Miami the choice was Nobu. Any suggestions?

      Thank you again.


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      1. re: ELA

        I might suggest dining at Norman's, the signature restaurant at the Ritz, your former choice, for the night of your large group. It's among the top 3=4 in town and you should be able to make arrangements as Marriott guests through the concierge.

        As for steak, with no problems about a 45 minute drive(depending on traffic), do Del's. It's that much better than the others, in my opinion. Be sure to get a reservation -- and I believe they are closed Sunday-Monday.

        Do try Raglan Road as well as I think it's the best tavern/pub in town, even though it is huge and noisy.