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Merry Cristmas all- thanks for the inspiration.

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Merry Cristmas all- thanks for the inspiration.

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  1. Yeah, and thanks to everyone for the searching and typing of recipes. This is a nice place to be, every day. I appreciate the staff, for keeping order, too!

    1. Here, here. I usually stick to the various local boards, but the Home Cooking board was a godsend this Christmas--I couldn't gotten through my first rib roast without all of you (it was a major success!). So thanks to all and to all, a good night.

      1. Merry Christmas! I just have to weigh in with a big smackeroo for the inspiration and just the sheer fun of "talking food" that goes on here every day.

        1. And best wishes for a delicious New Year to all the generous Hounds who enrich this site.

          1. Best New Year to all. A special tyou to the group in Home Cooking for sharing Rugelach recipes, tips & techniques.

            1. Just to mention 2 (of dozens) gifts this year, *bestowed by this forum*, are the No-knead bread of course, and Marcella Hazan--her vegetable soup alone will keep me cooking from her books.
              Thank you all!

              1. And a Happy New Year to all!

                Since I found this site, this has been my "go to" point of reference while cooking for friends and family this past month. Not too mention good ideas, recipes, and new restaurants for me and my family to visit.

                You are group of very talented and well informed foodies!