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Dec 24, 2006 02:50 PM

Greek in Asheville?

Hello everyone --

I'm new to the board here, and somewhat new to Asheville. My wife, son, and I moved here six months ago from Tucson. We've been enjoying getting to know the restaurant scene here, and have found that while there are many good to excellent dining experiences to be had, there also seems to be a few glaring deficiencies, one being Greek/Mediterranean. Granted, we haven't thoroughly scoured the ethnic food scene, but we're starting to have serious souvlaki withdrawal. Any suggestions?


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  1. Stoney Knob in Weaverville (Merrimon Ave between Asheville and WEaverville) and Pomodoro's on Tunnel Rd in East Asheville are two of the best. Of the two Stoney KNob is a bit better - owned by 2 young Greek brothers, one of whom is the chef, they also own a nearby wine store (Vino Vino). Jerusalem Garden downtown is more Middle Eastern (w/ belly dancers)

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      Terrific! Can't wait to try them. Thanks so much.


    2. stoney knob is great. I have never had a bad meal there, and the building is very cool and eclectic. While Pomodoro's is an independent restaurant, it it very much reminds one of a corporate chain. It can occasionally have some pretty good specials, but would opt for Stoney Knob if given the choice.

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        Stony Knob it is! Next time we can get a sitter, we'll check it out for sure. Decor is always an important factor for my wife and I. Thanks Beth.


      2. be sure and make reservations and ask for the "red room"

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          They also have a great Sunday brunch. For dinner, try the tilapia. Wines by the glass are also generous.

        2. i haven't found much to be impressed with regarding greek food in asheville.

          the food at stoney knob is usually good, but i don't consider it to be a greek restaurant, yet that's not to say that there's nothing greek on the menu. i should note here that i've only been for breakfast & lunch, so i don't know the dinner menu. it's also been quite some time since i've been there.

          i have been very disappoiinted in pomodoro's. i made three or so visits there during their first year of operation. the food never exceeded anything i could cobble together with a few minutes effort and a trip to ingles, and the prices were too high. despite their protestations, i still insist the pizza i had there was on a boboli crust. as far as i'm concerned, pomodoro's usefulness ends at being a landmark for the ice cream shop located behind it.

          many of the greek-ish places (apollo flame, ap bistro, bellagio, stone ridge tavern, etc) are owned by the same clan. food is abundant, but not particularly good (although the spanikopita at most is passable). you'll get pretty much the same things prepared at pretty much the same skill level from any of these places; stone ridge is probably the best of the lot, also the least greek oriented. the pizza at apollo flame bistro is particularly appalling.

          three brothers (near downtown) was just ok.

          my suggestion for greek food is to go to the greek festival held annually during the sep/oct timeframe. the food is generally pretty good, and it's not as over-priced as festivals often can be. plus you get to watch (and/or participate in) the dancing.

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            Another great Greek opportunity is the meals they have at the Greek church in Montford. The lamb shanks ALWAYS sell out early and there are tons of wonderful Greek pastries.
            FYI - it seems like Stoney Knob is doing more Greek influenced dinner items w/ mezze platters and greek type appetizers like stuffed grape leaves. I only go there for dinner (unlike Mark) so we are big fans - we probably eat there 2 or 3x per month.

            1. re: leahinsc

              do you have any idea what the schedule is for the church dinners? do you have to be a member of the church?

              the shanks seem to go pretty fast at the festival, too.

              sounds like i need to get myself back to stoney knob, but for dinner this time. we gradually stopped going after sunny point opened.

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                I know they do them on Mother's Day and....I forget the other holiday - Easter maybe? Don't have to be a member of the church, they are widely popular with everyone. You will see Catholics, Baptists, Greeks and the dreadlocked Asheville trustafarians eating side by side.

          2. I know this post is a few months old, but Jerusalem Garden in downtown is good for Mediterranean if you haven't tried it yet.