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best thai take out silverlake area?

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i will even drive. needs to be extraordinary.

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  1. For extraordinary Thai, I think you'd be best off getting take out from any of a number of places in Thai town -- it's basically just west of Silverlake on Hollywood Blvd., so not too far a drive.

    In the Silverlake area, I think the best Thai place is Mae Ploy, on Sunset in/near Echo Park. However, I would suggest you pick up the food rather than getting it delivered, as they can be surly about it and/or take a long time to deliver. Food is good, though.

    1. Nadpob on the corner of sunset and fountain. Better than Mae Ploy, I think. http://www.nadpobthai.com/

      1. maeploy is mediocre at best. nadpob is a bit better. go a little further east to ruen pair.

        1. sompun on santa monica near sunset - most of the thai people I know frequent/rec this place