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Dec 24, 2006 02:41 PM

Bohio's Cuban Bistro anyone been there yet?

When driving through Old Town Alexandria the other day I noticed this new place Bohio's Cuban Bistro - its up not far from Nickels and Sheffler - anyone been there? worth it or not?

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  1. Went recently, great food.

    For lunch there are three entree choices including the picadillo (ground beef creole style), palomilla (pounded thin round steak), and pollo a la milanesa (breaded chicken), quite limited menu for lunch, but well priced at $7 or $8 each. All come with white rice, black beans, and two pieces of perfectly ripe and cooked sweet plantains.

    I had the picadillo and requested the ropa vieja which is on the dinner menu, both of these were excellent, as good as you'll get in Miami at the better restaurants. Unfortunately, the ropa was charged at $15, the dinner price, which I was not happy about and though the dinner menu looks very good and authentic with things such as boliche which you will not find at most restaurants outside Miami, the pricing in my opinion was excessive $15-$22, doubt I'll be going for dinner. For lunch they have a number of sandwiches including the Cuban and the Media Noche which would be my next choices on the menu.

    Also had the mariquitas, thinly sliced and deep fried green plantains which were fried to order and very good except that they use canola oil instead of peanut oil (which they state on the menu they do not use) which gives a better taste, but still quite good. The accompanying mojo was a little strange, might have been off. Appetizers at lunch are priced at about the same as entrees, so poor value, but tasty nonetheless.

    Service is slow and inexperienced, the waiter was clearly overwhelmed after the second table arrived, this is his first wait job and at night there is only one other waiter, probably a bad idea to go here if there are more than 3 or so tables taken, likely to end up with cold food.

    1. We went there for lunch yesterday, to try the place out, and the were closed at noon. A menu is posted, but gives no hours of operation.

      1. I tried to go Saturday March 3 for lunch (St. Pat's parade) and it was also closed, but did not look like it was out of business.

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          I walked by last night, and there is a sign indicating they are permanently closed.