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Christmas in Houston

Tibby Dec 24, 2006 02:24 PM

We will be in Houston for Christmas this year and would like some ideas about the best Christmas lunch/dinner in the city. Thanks!

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    oltheimmer RE: Tibby Dec 25, 2006 11:41 AM

    There have been several threads about Christmas dining in Houston here on CH over the past month or so. Scroll down or use the search feature.

    Here's a couple of listings:



    The first is no where near complete; there are probably other listings on the Chron website, too; they usually have a big list in the paper somewhere.

    On the b4-u-eat list I'm only familiar with Himalaya (Pakistani) and Dimassi's (Middle-Eastern). I love 'em both.

    I woke up not feeling like spending the morning in the kitchen so I think we're going to go to Cleburne Cafeteria:


    It'll be a traditional dinner with trimmings, and probably absolutely packed. I know they're open today but not sure if it'll be continuous service or if they'll take the usual break between the lunch and dinner servings.

    P.S. - just saw the NYT review of Cleburne on the website -- never knew Cleburne had made the Times.

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