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Dec 24, 2006 01:53 PM

E.U., The European Union: Was Saturday a slow night everywhere, or is this place undiscovered?

A group of six of us had a nice experience at European Union last night. Well-chosen draft beers & wine, followed by great pub food with an interesting upscale twist. I had a fantastic fish and chips that was somehow incredibly tasty without any unnecesary grease. Several others at thenjoyed a skate 'schnitzel' and we all equally enjoyed the starters and deserts. Service was friendly, etc. etc. etc.

We couldn't help but notice, however, that there were only about four occupied tables at 8:30 on a Saturday, which poses the question: Is this place doing OK? Or was Saturday, the 23rd just a slow night everywhere, in advance of the holidays?

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  1. I and my wife were there recently for dinner on a saturday night and enjoyed the experience as well. My portuguese sardines appetizer was sumptious while my spaghetti alla carbonara was delectable, and almost as good as Lupa's. I like the selection of red wines by the glass, from spain, france, etc.

    The place was surprisingly not packed for a saturday night but we were there very early in the night.

    1. The Saturday before Christmas is always slow. So many people out of town. You can't judge the health of a restaurant by the covers on this night.

      1. It's a pretty recent opening in a neighborhood rife with restaurants. I passed by last night and saw a healthy crowd.

        1. I think EU has more of a late dining crowd. Both times I've eaten dinner there (weeknights), the restaurant was relatively empty until around 10 pm.

          However, I want to report a small issue I had the second time I dined there. First off, I want to say that the food was pretty good overall each time. I've tried the oysters, saffron/mussel bisque, fish n chips, carbonara, and the english burger. I would say the carbonara was the weakest of the dishes but still decent.

          Anyway, my gf and I finished our dinner and she ran to the bathroom. While I was waiting, I heard one of the managers/employees yell to a waitress something to the effect of, "start selling some dessert wines, we're doing crappy tonight." One minute later, my waitress gives me a dessert menu and starts raving about two of the dessert wines on the list.

          I was pretty appalled at this point and actually confessed to the waitress that I heard the guy with the glasses just yell at someone about the dessert wines. So I see her take the guilty guy into the kitchen to inform him and the guy runs over with 2 glasses of dessert wine and slams them onto my table with no explanation whatsoever. Obviously it was a bit awkward as I paid the check and left. I think this was just a little slip up but something that the NY dining community should know.

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            The service director has since been relieved of his post. The atmosphere is now more laid back. As a former of employee of E.U., I'm sorry that you had such a strange experience at what I consider to be an underrated restaurant.


          2. I think it was an off night. I've been there on Saturday before around 9 and the place was packed. Surprisingly, we got seated on time, and the service was friendly and available.