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Dec 24, 2006 01:50 PM

Mooseabec Sardines

I had this favorite brand of Sardines that were smoked and came in a red rapper with a moose on it. I even made my email address "mooseabec". I want to say it was the Stein food company in Maine but I am not sure. Does any one know a sardine that is the equivalent of this product?

Steve in Sarasota, FL

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  1. I'll're probably a late-comer to the MOOSEABEC experience and the company you're thinking of is likely Stinson Seafood Company of Prospect Harbor, Maine...Right?

    That the Maine-canned contents in the red box (with BROWN moose) are a couple of generations removed from their mighty deliciousness when once packaged in Norway (GREEN moose) is one thing, it's certainly another that the "delicately-spiced" brand is virtually extinct...although I happened upon a rear-of-the-shelf, leftover package in Brooklyn about eight months ago! So, what would you pay for that lone tin of Moosey's sittin' in my pantry right now? - probably still good!

    You'd have to search history to see if the recipe was always the same, but to this poster's senses, when the catch migrated from Scandinavia to Acadia, all bets were off.