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Dec 24, 2006 01:44 PM

Finally, a restaurant to rave about near Scranton...

OK, so it's in a strip mall, and not overly romantic, although the owners did their best with the space they have, but the food at Basilico's in Dickson City is some of the best Italian I've ever had.

Their pizza is what they're known for, and it's fantastic, but if you sit in the back room where table service is available, and order lliterally any pasta on the menu, you'll be happy. The homemade minestrone is so good I can't help ordering it, even when I swear to myself on the way in that I'll try something else for an appetizer. The Calamari Fra Diavlo is perfect, and cheap ($11)! Last night I had Cavetelli Rosso - perfect. The marinara is the best, and even the dinner rolls are fantastic. It's BYOB, and really inexpensive, and the best food I've had since moving to the area a year ago.

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