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Dec 24, 2006 01:22 PM


Anyone familiar with this restaurant located on East 23rd and Madison? Heard different opinions and would like to hear some more. Will be around the area this week and would like to try it out.

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  1. Odd, I just noticed the sign while idling at the light tonight and couldn't figure out the claims to 'artisanal' pizza alongside those to whole wheat crust and spelt flour. Also 'Chicago beef' subs. All of it sounds unappetizing, inconsistent, ill-informed and unpromising.

    1. It's pretty much a hit-or-miss spot. I go there pretty frequently, but the food is really nothing to rave about. It's the best pizza place around the area, which isn't saying much. They have a different assortment of pizza's, from your standard slice to eggplant slices made with whole wheat flour and all other kinds in between. A specialty slice with one topping is about 2.75. Their hot food selection is not too bad. Price wise it isn't too bad either.
      It's not a bad spot, but then again I wouldn't call it great either. If it is pizza you're craving, I would suggest you go somewhere else.

      1. My office (located right near Mozzarellis) orders pies from there every Friday. I don't recommend it. Soggy, often undercooked tasting, thick sort of squishy crusts, sweet sloppy sauces, etc. I definitely recommend skipping it - if it wasn't free each week, I would skip it, too.

        1. As a student chef in NYC I am amazed at the degree of diffculity, what these guys did in mozzarellis. The work and preparation to develop organic spelt, gluetin free pizza, cinnamon raisian, honey whole wheat and a 12 grain multi grain crust is mid boggling. Its cutting edge creativity unlike the other 1000 pizza places in the city who are all boring and repeatative. In my opinion the stuff taste great and i walked out stuffed for under $10.00 including a drink and dessert. Keep creating and follow your dreams. God bless.

          1. I only go for the muti grain pizza but I think that alone is worth going there for.