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Dec 24, 2006 11:56 AM

Smallish down home bar with great bar food in Park City

Besides the couple of fine restaurants I want to go to, my wife and I also like going to a more "local" type of place where I canst at the bar and get a shot of good whiskey and a cold draft beer, and enjoy a very well prepared burger, onion rings, fries, wings, etc. any suggestions?

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  1. pof,

    I can't say anything about the food at these places, since I don't go to any of the bars in town. No, I'm not Mormon - I just never go into the bars in town. The bars that I know that are considered "locals" bars are:
    J.P. Mulligans
    the private club below Cisero's
    No Name Saloon
    Broken Thumb
    Hungry Moose

    Now, I think the Broken Thumb is beer only, but I can't vouch for it. I think the others are "full service" bars.

    1. You might give a try to one of Utah's brewpubs. Wasatch Brewery has a location on the top of Main Street and Red Rock Brewery and Squatters both have Park City outlets. These brewpubs have fared quite well in national competition at the Great American Beer Festival and would certainly qualify as "local." All serve superior pub fare. I'm not sure that one can order hard liquor at any of the brewpubs, but one could certainly indulge in a handcrafted brew and some tasty eats.

      1. only two brewpubs in town ... Wasatch and Squatters. The first has gone downhill, the second is still trying to get its bearings. As far as straight up bars with food, the one owned by 350 Main Brasserie (they're right next door), I think it's called the Spur has a bigger food menu than others. The Sidecar in the Main Street mall has great NY-style pizza. Seriously. Dunno what else they have ... have only been fixated on the pizza.

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          Actually, there is also a Red Rock Brewery location. It's located in Kimball Junction, near the I-80 junction.

          1. re: wasabi

            I certainly wouldn't call Squatters nor Wasatch "locals" bars. They are really more restaurants than bars. I had thought of The Spur - I like that it's non-smoking. But, I never ordered food there, so I can't speak to it.

            1. re: scabbardgirl

              actually, plenty of locals at Squatters. Have been up there several times for meetings and social gatherings and have witnessed families, singles, group parties, and even a kids' birthday party there. a friend of mine who lives there claims that b/c of price point, it's where everyone goes to eat (dunno if I'd call it cheap) and casual/accessible enough to go have drinks. then again, observations could be wrong.

              1. re: wasabi

                It's observations, I guess. I went there once and thought of it as another restaurant in town, pretty noisy at that. Some of my friends went there once and said they'd maybe go back for breakfasts. Some used to go there all the time for breakfast when it was still the Mt. Air Cafe. To me, it's not a "bar" per se. I think of it as a restaurant. No Name and Mulligan's I consider bars. Maybe my idea of a "local" is different, too. It's the folks who work 2-3 jobs in town, not the professional crowd.