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Best combination of pizza and ambience?

Maybe a slightly different take on the whole "Where's the best pizza question?". My wife and I are planning a quick two day trip to Manhattan in February while Grandma takes the boys to see the Berenstein Bears in PA. As a native Queens boy, I would be happy to trek into Brooklyn and spend the day watching Mr. DeMarco make my pizza at DiFara's. Alas, the wife wants a nice (i.e. no crumbs on the table, no yelling orders across the counter) "New York" restaurant experience to go with her pizza. Not looking for the high end restaurant's whimsical take on pizza, but rather a casual/moderate restaurant that does a REALLY good pie. We had a version of this experience at Otto last fall, but I'm looking for even better pizza. Any thoughts?

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  1. Try Nick's on Ascan Ave in Forest Hills Queens.
    Di Fara is a great slice no doubt about it, but you will wait a long time for a slice and there is no ambience.

    1. Grano Trattoria on Greenwich Avenue & 10th St. (near 6th Ave.) has a fabulous pizza, thin crust with great sauce, and it's a pleasant, casual restaurant. The Grano salad is a winner also. I can't imagine you won't be happy there.

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        Grano is a great neighborhood restaurant and owner, Maurizio makes great pizza in his wood oven.

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          Thanks for the replies. The thing, we're looking at Sunday lunch for pizza and I noticed from their website that Grano does brunch on the weekend. Do you know if they have their regular menu as well?

      2. Una Pizza Napoletano or Luzzo's or DeMarco's (for close to DiFara's) or Lombardi's or Patsy's on 117th or John's of Bleecker or Arturo's or Adrienne's or Grimaldi's or Totonno's of Coney island or Denino's of Staten Island or Angelo's on E55th or W57th.

        1. cronkite on the lower east side reminded me of a casual otto. i liked their pizzas more, as well. they're only opened for dinner though

          1. Posto (18th and 2nd). Casual, moderate, friendly, delicious.

            1. I recommend Arturo's on Houston for a combination of great pizza and old NY ambience.

              1. la villa in park slope. Brick oven pizza +

                1. Arturos definitely. Great live Jazz most evenings and killer pie...try the Diavolo for something different...:)

                  1. Arturo's sounds good, but we're looking at Sunday lunch time and they don't open until 3 on Sundays. Still, we're hoping to get a 10 p.m. reservation at Lupa that night so it's possible that just might work out ...

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                      please look into angelo's on w57h (between 6th and 7th) . i believe they are the same owners of patsy's. also , there's a very cozy patsy's on w74 (between cpw and columbus). i'm sure there are better places (which i've been to) but it sounds like everything has become more or less inconsistent. there's another place that got rave reviews but the name escapes me. i'll post again if i remember it.

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                        Though related to the family which owns Nick's-Angelo's is unrelated to Patsy's which itself is an unaffiliated licensee of the real Patsy's on 117th street which forced their relatives under the Brooklyn Bridge to change their name from Patsy's to Grimaldi's. Don't even mention Ray's.

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                          i remember reading about the history of the bklyn bridge place somewhere but i think angelo's menu states that they are somehow related to patsy's. hmmmmm.... i'm not insisting. just sort of curious.

                    2. I really like Gonzo in the Flatiron District. Homey atmosphere and really good really THIN crust pizza!

                      1. You might like La Pizza Fresca on E. 20th st. May be more upscale than what you're looking for, but it boasts a romantic atmosphere, and their pies (which aspire to strict Neapolitan authenticity) are perfect.

                          1. Una Pizza Napoletana, best pizza in the world.

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                              World? Better than the pizzerie that are actually in Napoli?