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Dec 24, 2006 07:21 AM

Baja Teheran - south of SM - in particular Orchid Bakery

There's a whole world south of SM Blvd - a wonderful Peets in the old Music Plus building - Rose Market of course full of wonders and marvellous rose petal icecream and a few other flavors I could eat my way through. Orchid Bakery is run by Persian Armenians - great gelato, fresh fruit drinks, really excellent sandwiches on a crunchy roll (we had chicken potato salad with tomato and lettuce, very good as a relief from all that meat we are going to eat this weekend). Then there's the bomb - besides great coffee there are simply outstanding and very cheap pastries. We shared a strawberry napolean ($1) with a Turkish coffee. Manager recommended Scherhazade as being 'real Persian food' because it is Armenian Persian owned - well we'll give it a try.

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  1. South of the city of Santa Monica, or south of Santa Monica Boulevard (on Westwood Boulevard)? Oh, and would you like to collaborate on devising a new fusion cuisine, Persian-Mex, we might be able to start the next franchise goldmine.

    1. Little Teheran IS Westwood Blvd Wayne - but your idea has real merit. What WILL the next fusion be??

      1. Pink Orchid Bakery is wonderful. Brought a big box of cookies to a Christmas party last week & everyone loved them (including a good cookie baker). It was surprisingly inexpensive, especially since the box contained a lot of both coconut & almond macaroons. They are very nice in there, too, & generous with samples. I haven't tried their cakes but they look good so I will next time I need one (although it is hard for me to bypass Buttercake Bakery).