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Dec 24, 2006 05:33 AM

my new favorite restaurant in San Diego

I had the pleasure of having lunch at Jayne's Gastropub today.
Delicious food+great service+charm+love=Jayne's Gastropub

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  1. What is on the menu? type of food? I tried to check-out the menu on their website, but was unable to. Are they only opened for lunch? I only noticed lunch hours.

    1. Yes, this restaurant is currently open for lunch only. The owners hope to have dinner available very soon though (it's only been open for about two months).

      The menu is simple, and prices are very reasonable. My friends and I shared the following: fried calamari, fish and chips, a pasta dish,and a rueben sandwich. Oh, and we had creme brulee and a brownie ice cream dessert. EVERYTHING was excellent.

      This place kind of reminded us of Cafe Chloe in a way...but it's homier, and the portions are much larger. I dare say that I like Jane's Gastropub even better than Cafe Chloe. I can't wait until they start serving dinner. Hope this helped.

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          1. I had lunch here yesterday and it was very good. Previously I tried a takeout sandwich, but this is the first time I ate in the restaurant. We had the reuben, a green salad and split a butterscotch creme brulee - which was to DIE for. Their fries are particularly good, and I'd like to try their seabass fish and chips. You can tell that a lot of care has gone into this place, and the owner, Jayne is very nice. I definitely plan to return when they start serving dinner - I think they'll do very well. Location is right next to Air Conditioned in Normal Heights.

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              I think it's in North Park, but very close to Normal Heights.
              The address is 4677 30th St, at Adams Ave