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Dec 24, 2006 05:33 AM

Brooklyn Hound stranded in Vero beach over the holidays-Please help!

Please hook me up with an excellent spot within a 20 or so minute drive I am near the disney resort here if that means anything to you. My mother just moved here so I will be coming back many more times, she was down in Boyton before and i was able to find many great spots around there, thanks in large part to zagat. So far this seems like a culinary wasteland. Prove me wrong!

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    1. Vero's pretty thin, but there are some decent places. Here's two recent threads that may help:
      and whatever else you might dig up searching for "Vero" on this board. :-


      If you don't mind going to Fellsmere, definitely check out Marsh Landing for authentic Florida Cracker cuisine (gator tail, frog legs, etc.).