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Dec 24, 2006 05:15 AM

Stealth williamsburg greats!

The most under the rader treat out there in the hood is Bahia which has amazing and dirt cheap Salvadorean taste sensations. Anybody else know of any other great relativly unknown spots in the area?

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  1. I feel like Noodle Studio on N5th is in danger of going out of business because nobody even knows it exists. But I think their Thai food, esp. all the noodle soups (and they're the only place to offer this in the whole neighbourhood), is really good. And the prices are insanely low.

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        I can't remember if it's between Bedford and Berry, or Berry and Wythe. Let's just say between Bedford and Wythe :)

        p.s. the decor is appalling

        1. re: YoungHood

          It's between Bedford and Berry, in that strange teal building on the south side of N. 5th.

          I've had some really good food from there, too.