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Dec 24, 2006 04:56 AM

Why doesn't Sonic have chocolate ice cream?

Sonic is starting to move into Pennsylvania. I've been there a number of times both at their new location here and in North Carolina.

None of the Sonics I've been to have had chocolate ice cream. Are they all like this? I think this is going to be a major draw-back to expanding in some places. A chocolate shake to a lot of people must have chocolate ice cream.

So what's the deal?

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  1. As far as I know, they're all vanilla. The lack of chocolate ice cream is about as much of a detriment to Sonic's expansion as the lack of a chicken sandwich is a detriment to In-N-Out Burger's popularity.

    Every single fast food restaurant I have ever eaten at in my life starts with vanilla shake base and adds chocolate syrup. Every place I've worked where they make shakes from scratch uses vanilla ice cream and adds chocolate syrup. A shake made with chocolate ice cream and milk will generally taste washed out compared to one made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk. And if you're going to make one with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk, you might as well just save the overhead on keeping the chocolate ice cream around and just add extra chocolate syrup to the shake.

    And on the subject of chocolate in shakes... try a hot fudge shake next time. If you've been having regular chocolate shakes all this time, hot fudge shakes will have you feel a swoon coming on when you taste one.

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      1. Yah, there's always a great debate around about the proper chocolate shake. I worked in an ice cream shop as a teenager and our default chocolate shake was chocolate ice cream, choco syrup and milk. What the Jester describes is a black and white shake in my world. To me, they do taste very different.

        Funny you mention hot fudge shakes, I was just introduced to these in the last couple of months and I do love them. Sonic even makes a decent one!

        1. I think the sonic issue is more of a cost thing. Adding something like a dedicated chocolate soft-serve machine is costly in terms of new product, transport, store space (they're packed inside of there). Look at all their "new" food items, they're usually just other parts of their foods, rearranged, or all packed in one tortilla. I know this isn't universally the case, but usually it is.

          JK, describe what you mean by washed out. Is it that the fat in the chocolate in the chocolate ice cream numbs the sharpness of a chocolate (or should we say cocoa?) syrup? I haven't been around the valley long, but I'm pretty certain we have no Braums restaurants right? That's a fav of mine from TX. They do "hand-dipped" shakes which I love, but that may be because I can get the specific chocolate flavor I'm looking for. oops, now i'm thinking online, I hate when people do that.

          fyi, this is the amkirkland from phoenixchowhounds.