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Dec 24, 2006 04:05 AM

Golden Gate Meats And Their Prepared Foods

Is it just me or is there anybody else that finds the spread of Golden Gate Meats at the Ferry Building to be totally underwhelming and pedestrian in nature? I know people rave about it and the local aspect of the company, but I think their spread looks pretty uninspiring.

And their prepared foods - is this a high quality meat market of an old tired suburban grocery store that is trying to dispose of yesterdays roasted chickens?

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  1. Haven't tried any of the prepped foods. But I'll add that I was mightily disappointed at the 50 lb. minimum order to get David's Old World pastrami navel cut. I was prepared to buy, say 5 lbs. or maybe 10 lbs., but 50 lbs. is un-doable. I had hoped for more flexibility since Golden Gate's wholesale division is the distributor for the product, and the producer advised me to order through them.

    Navel Call -

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I don't think I have ever seen anything appealing in the prepared foods section at Golden Gate Meats.

      My complaint with their meat counter is that it is just not that impressive. For a place that is so highly acclaimed and gets top placement at the Ferry Building, it seems that their product and displays of meats seem awfully typical.

      1. re: poulet_roti

        About the meat counter: if you don't see it, ask. Or call ahead and have them order it. I would think that if they displayed a huge range of items in a small place, they would just get swamped with gawkers there to take pictures and buy a peach.

        I haven't found any other place in the city where they'll happiliy cut a sealed whole lobe of Foie and sell you half of it. The prices weren't even much higher (10-15%) than going the no-frills restaurant supply route at Polarica.

        1. re: SteveG

          Oh, you just reminded me that I saw a whole lobe of foie gras in the meat case at Cal-Mart last week. Don't know if they'd cut it though.

          1. re: SteveG

            I am never shy about asking vendors as to what they have in back or what they might be willing to do. Additionally, I have found the people at GG Meats to be friendly on each occasion that I have been there.

            My entire point was and has been that their displays and the quality of the product seems a bit pedestrian for the amount of praise that is heaped on the place. Just curious, but have you tried to ask any other place if they'd happilly cut a sealed whole lobe of Foie for you?

            1. re: poulet_roti

              If the foie gras is cryovac sealed (as I assume it is, not that I've ever bought the stuff) it is doubtful that the vendor will cut a lobe in half without another customer standing behind you. As with most organ meats, it is very perishable and does not freeze well. If, however, you brought a gourmet friend along to take the remaining half, they would gladly do it (at the prices charged).

      2. I don't even mind that as much as the fact that on more than one occasion, the chicken bought a day previously and refrigerated within a reasonable time period smelled off when opened for cooking on the following day. I don't shop there any more.

        1. I suppose it depends on what your alternatives are, but I'm impressed with the GG Meats display case. Elk Prime Rib, anyone? "Brontasauras" chops (prime rib chops)? Want your rib roast "frenched"? No problem. Lamb shanks? Veal shanks? Yep. They've had everything I've ever wanted, and have been perfectly happy to cut up things into any weird cut I've been able to imagine. Nice folks, too.

          1. Their prepared foods are strikingly lame in the context of the Ferry Building or compared with, say, Bryan's. The meat's not all that special, either, though it's still great to have a full-service butcher with a wide selection in the building.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              A little help...whare is Bryan's you mention above?

              1. re: sgolds9173

                Bryan's is on California Street at Laurel Village

            2. That is my point exactly. Yes, its nice to have a full service meat counter at the Ferry Building but their meats are nothing special at all and their prepared foods are simply awful.

              I would just imagine that a place that gets so much local acclaim and top billing at the Ferry Building could do a bit better.