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Where can you get a larger variety of beers at a bar? I am very found of a rogue beer from oregon, and was wondering if there is a place to taste that and much much more.

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  1. Let's see.....I think the one with the best prices and bartenders is DBA in the East Village. It's on 1st ave between 2nd and 3rd st. A lot of bottled beers with always changing taps with maybe 8 or 9 beers.

    1. It's NYU central but Peculiar Pub on Bleeker has a huge selection of beers from the US and around the world.

      1. DBA is pretty good but I find the crowd too snooty. Gramercy Tavern has a great bar and a good beer list. Another good place is Waterfront Ale House on 2nd Ave.

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          Cafe d'Alsace on the UES has a wide selection of beers.

        2. Cannot beat The Ginger Man on E.36th btwn. 5th and Mad. Over 60 beers on tap...great selection...including, I think, a Rogue Dead Guy Ale which is very good...!

          1. Dinosaur may not be as expansive as some the other places on this post, however they do have a lot of smaller beers you can't find elsewhere, and I recall at least one variety of Rogue was on tap when I went there.

            1. all great places mentioned so far. another place with a lot of beers is croxley ales on avenue b. i hate the loud environs, but think the food is decent for what it is and the beer selection is good, both in terms of draft and bottled beers.

              you might also want to try standings bar on e. 7th street. they have a rotating selection of beers, including seasonal and microbrew choices, and it's as laid-back a sports bar as you'll ever find. plus, they offer free food (pizza, cheesesteaks, sausages, bagels, etc.) more often than not.


              and right next door to standings is burp castle. awesome selection of belgian and other european ales. one of my favorite places, and usually very laid-back. plus, they let you bring outside food in to enjoy with your beer! at least that's been the case the past few times i've been there - who knows if they've changed their policy recently.

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                On the same block as Standings and Burp Castle (7th between 2nd and 3rd) is a below-street level restaurant and bar called Jimmy's. Although I have had mixed results with their food, they always have very interesting beer selections. Happy drinking!

              2. If you don't need to drink in a bar and prefer carrying stuff back home you can try "new beer distributors".
                They carry a large variety of stuff. The prices are very good.


                They close early at 6 though.