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Dec 24, 2006 03:22 AM


Where can you get a larger variety of beers at a bar? I am very found of a rogue beer from oregon, and was wondering if there is a place to taste that and much much more.

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  1. Let's see.....I think the one with the best prices and bartenders is DBA in the East Village. It's on 1st ave between 2nd and 3rd st. A lot of bottled beers with always changing taps with maybe 8 or 9 beers.

    1. It's NYU central but Peculiar Pub on Bleeker has a huge selection of beers from the US and around the world.

      1. DBA is pretty good but I find the crowd too snooty. Gramercy Tavern has a great bar and a good beer list. Another good place is Waterfront Ale House on 2nd Ave.

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          Cafe d'Alsace on the UES has a wide selection of beers.

        2. Cannot beat The Ginger Man on E.36th btwn. 5th and Mad. Over 60 beers on tap...great selection...including, I think, a Rogue Dead Guy Ale which is very good...!

          1. Dinosaur may not be as expansive as some the other places on this post, however they do have a lot of smaller beers you can't find elsewhere, and I recall at least one variety of Rogue was on tap when I went there.