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Dec 24, 2006 03:16 AM

New BBQ Place in Charleston

Home Team BBQ opened recently in Charleston in West Ashley. We had dinner there this evening -- very good job on the decor and atmosphere; the food and service is well intentioned, but both need some shaking out.

Not bad for a quick lunch, but not a destination.

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  1. Can you describe the BBQ? Is it traditional SC style? What sides do they offer? I'm always up for a new BBQ place, since I despise Duke's...

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      I will let them speak for themselves... www.hometeambbq.com. It was fine -- not great, not awful. When we went in December they were still pretty new. Some of the kinks should have been worked out by now.

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        charlestonfoodiegal, check out my take on Charleston's BBQ scene on this thread:


        1. re: Low Country Jon

          Jon: I see you like Melvin's. Have you been able to compare his offerings to those of his brothers at Robert's and (Thomas) Bessinger's? Not to mention their (in)famous brother Maurice. I think Maurice's mustard sauce is too sweet but on those rare occasions when I get to SC it's good for the novelty. I also had Bessinger's barbecue once and liked it more than Maurice's.

          1. re: Bob W

            I've tried the BBQ at Bessinger's and at infamous Maurice's, though that was a while back. I think I liked Melvin's best of all. It was definitely moister than Bessinger's, and I think it was smokier than Maurice's. They all use similar sauces.

            1. re: Bob W

              I'll take Melvin's over Bessinger's or Maurice's, although to be fair I've only eaten at Maurice's twice. I think Melvin's is better on other stuff too - like Bessinger's doesn't have milkshakes - not just the sauce.

              1. re: wcrjrs

                here's a recent article on the Bessinger brothers' barbecue joints. Now I'm really curious about brother Robert's joints -- they are both in North Charleston according to this article, which agrees with both of you that Melvin's is the best in town.


                1. re: Bob W

                  Thanks for the links/info., guys. I'm an eastern NC BBQ girl at heart, so I'm always looking for places in SC that may offer it. I know, I am a traitor in terms of the ongoing BBQ debate. But, if you happen to hear of any places that offer Eastern NC fare, please let me know...I'm dying to have vinegar based, red pepper sauce!

                  1. re: charlestonfoodiegal

                    I'm originally from eastern NC myself, so I can sympathize. Vinegar & pepper Q is actually native to this area, too, so you have quite a few options. Momma Brown's in Mt. Pleasant as well as the other Brown establishments in Monck's Corner and Kingstree all do V&P, whole hog BBQ. Momma Brown's also slaughters its own hogs, which is pretty old school. They also have good fried chicken and hushpuppies. Further afield, McCabe's in Manning and Scott's Variety in Hemingway are famous for their V&P BBQ. I haven't been to either one yet, but my wife and I are planning a road trip eventually. Let us know if you want to come along! Maybe a Charleston chowhound BBQ pilgrimage is in order.

                    BTW, what is Duke's BBQ like? I've never been and haven't really heard anyone say good things about it locally.

                    1. re: Low Country Jon

                      Low Country Jon, yeah, I used to live in Mt. P, and only found out about Momma Brown's after we moved! I'm very interested in your rec. for Scott's Variety in Hemingway...I went to ECU, so my epitomy of the best BBQ is something like Parker's, or I think it was called Bill's, in Wilson? I could be wrong. I still crave that taste, and haven't had it since...Smithfield's, the chain is always awesome to me...
                      As far as Duke's goes, don't waste mileage, money, thoughts, or time on Duke's. It's the worst bbq I've ever had. Just a pile of fatty, misthought pickings, with no sauce. They had sauces on the side, but no sauce could have possibly made it better. The sides were mediocre at best. I'm not the biggest collard greens fan, but actually, it was the only thing edible!! Ha! Let me know if you and your wife will be venturing to one of the places you've named, my husband and me are up for any new adventure! One of my biggest warnings is the slaw...if the slaw is good, you know you're in the right spot!!

                      1. re: charlestonfoodiegal

                        I've found that good hushpuppies are ususally an indication of good 'cue, too. My understanding is Scott's Variety is pretty hardcore: no slaw, no hushpuppies, no sides--just 'cue, pork skins, and white bread. I believe McCabe's is more of a full service restaurant with sides and fried chicken, too, which is definitely up my alley. Manning also has another BBQ restaurant that is supposed to be pretty good called D&H.

                        I grew up on Parker's in Greenville, and I've always enjoyed my visits to Smithfield franchises. While some criticize them for not being logburners, I've always found the overall dining experience of those places make up for any perceived lack of smokiness in the pork. Heck, sometimes you can't taste the smoke even at places that really do use wood. Cooking with wood is clearly a tempermental art.

                        One place where I can taste the smoke is the Hickory Hawg on John's Island. What I like to do there is ask for the meat without sauce. Then, at the table, I season half of it with their very tasty Lexington-style sauce and the other half with Texas Pete pepper vinegar (you know, the stuff with the whole peppers still in the bottle). While it's not exactly real V&P BBQ sauce, the flavor profile is close enough to leave my taste buds very happy!

                        1. re: Low Country Jon

                          Wow, I'm going to have to visit Hickory Hawg, that sounds great!! I'm totally one with you on the hushpuppies as well, it's funny, but it's hard to find a perfect one to accomodate the meat. I like a very crispy, but moist in the middle puppie... Man, all this talk about bbq has me really craving it.
                          What's the atmosphere at HH? Is it buffet? That said, I'm not a buffet type of gal, but I could make an exception, given the meat is worth it.
                          McCabe's sounds promising as well, I like a lot of variety...
                          Thanks so much for your input, LCJ, I feel like a possible BBQ venture is in my future!! YUM

                          1. re: charlestonfoodiegal

                            The Hickory Hawg is not a buffet; you order at the counter and then they serve you at your table. The servers there are very nice, and the place is very clean (those who believe there's an inverse relationship between soulful food and cleanliness might complain it's too clean).

                            I'm not the biggest fan of buffets either, though I make an exception for Momma Brown's. I've found at MB's it helps a lot to know the best times to hit the buffet so that most of the food is fresh and plentiful. BTW, Tuesday night is catfish night at MB's if you like fried fish. They actually use wild Santee River catfish, so you can taste the "murk" a little bit. It's not overpowering and I like how the taste is distinct from farm-raised catfish, but some people might not share my opinion.