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Dec 24, 2006 02:31 AM

Cheesecake in Silver Spring?

Just found out I need to buy a cheesecake on Sunday, Dec. 24, to bring to a holiday party.

Doesn't need to be fancy, plain cheesecake is fine. I know about Costco cheesecake, but was hoping to find something closer to home (Silver Spring). What about Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?



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  1. I've had Trader Joe's cheesecake and it's not bad. Giant's cheesecake, at least the last time I bought some, maybe 3 years ago, was more like cream cheese with a crust.

    TJ's is more to my liking. Not fine craftsmanship (and there are probably as many styles of cheesecake as as there are BBQ), but a decent piece of work. They're frozen, so be sure to pick one up a few hours before the party and leave it out to defrost. And don't be tempted by their key lime cheesecake. It tastes less like cheesecake than the plain cheesecake and not enough like key lime to bother with.

    Hey, you're bringing it to a party. It'll get mixed in with other food (probably other desserts) and those who see the box will appreciate that you at least bought it at a somewhat esoteric grocery store rather than one of the obvious supermarkets.

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      I'd forget about Trader Joes. To me, it's mediocre at best and very small, but it is only $6.99 or so. I'd call Whole Foods and see if they have one. I don't think you could do any better than them! If not, just drive to Rockville and try Stella's Bakery on Nicholson Ln.

      Steve R

    2. You could buy one at The Cheesecake Factory.

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        I've had the mini cheesecake from Whole Foods in Silver Spring and it's fine. (I can't see why they wouldn't but I can't swear they sell a large one, so I'd call first.) Also, make sure you see what you are buying before they box it - I find their baked goods can be kind of variable in quality, sometimes under or over cooked.

      2. Thanks to everyone for the responses. I took the path of least resistance and went to Trader Joe's (I couldn't face going to Rockville the day before Christmas!). If I hadn't found anything there, my second choice would have been Whole Foods.

        I picked up one of the small ($3.99 size) frozen cheesecakes at TJ's (glad I bought a small one -- turned out that the person who had specifically requested cheesecake didn't want any, and neither did anyone else). I sampled it the next day, and it was okay but nothing special. A bit too sweet for me.

        I also picked up one of TJ's "Pie'ld high" apple pies, which was well received, but the big hit was TJ's flourless chocolate cake. It was pretty darned good, although very rich.

        Next time I'll skip the other stuff and just get that cake!