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Dec 24, 2006 02:11 AM

Best of Boston treats

I am visiting Boston and want to bring back a gift that is found only in Boston. Along the lines of black and white cookies in NYC, Garett's popcorn in Chicago, etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. You can get pack and ship full lobster bakes from J. Hook or Legal Seafood.

    1. Boston Creme Pie? Maybe at Mike's Pastry?

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        ahh go to mike's for cannolis but don't get any of the other pastries...they're unspectacular. and if you are going to the north end, mike's is an institution but the modern across the street is better.

      2. Not a lot of choices, there just aren't that many items unique to the Boston area that would travel well. Possibly the best local dish is fried clams from a good clam shack, but they've got to be eaten fresh and hot from the fryer or they're inedible.

        My best suggestion is Indian pudding from Durgin Park, it should reheat quite well and you won't find it elsewhere in the country.

        Boston Cream Pie is a local dish, but I believe it's one that's commonly made elsewhere, just like Parker House rolls. You don't need to come to Boston to get a good one.

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          Wait I just thought of something even better: Moxie! You can't get it outside New England, it's in a can so it travels perfectly, and most people elsewhere won't even have heard of it, much less know that it's the only soft drink to have entered the English language as a word (yes, it's true - "moxie," meaning "gumption," derives etymologically from the name of the drink, not vice versa).

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            Moxie seems to be more of a "maine" item than a specific Boston dish to me.

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              I grew up drinking Moxie. I don't know what I was thinking. It's something to try, but best on a dare. Definitely an aquired taste (most often in Maine - cold must deaden the tastebuds).

              For a Boston-area convenience store treat, I'd highly recommend the Sky Bar instead. It's made by local candy maker NECCO, and I've only seen in on the shelves here. That, and unlike Moxie whomever you give it to will speak to you again.

          2. How about Salt water taffy? It is technically Rhode Island, but it travels well.

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            1. re: Sue R

              to me, saltwater taffy is the jersey shore, not new england.

            2. Saltwater taffy... I think of Atlantic City, NJ. Agree, never heard of it as a new england treat.

              I'd stick with Lobsters and since u didn't say it had to be food... how about a Harvard University Sweatshirt,,, or a Boston Red Sox shirt or cap... they are always popular.