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Dec 24, 2006 02:07 AM

French-roll burger at Wild Hare

Of the favorite burgers in my life, there are two that come on a "French" roll instead of a bun. The first was at Rossati's Roadhouse (generally called "Zot's") in Woodside, up near Palo Alto; it's still being served, though the last one I had was a shadow of its 30-years-ago goodness. The other is to be found at Rotier's in Nashville. And now I've found a very worthy third: it's the Juicy Lucy burger at The Wild Hare in Highland Park. It's a lot like the Zot's burger in that the onions are grilled with the meat, but unlike either of the other two the patty is not made oblong to fit the roll, but is both round and very thick. Very cheesy, too, and yes it IS juicy! And good. I didn't bother to specify its degree of doneness, so I can't report on their flexibility in that department, though I'd expect them to accede cheerfully to any request. It ain't really cheap, I think eight or nine bucks, and it comes with zilch, so you have to get your fries separately...but THOSE are excellent and come with both ketchup and a nice aioli.

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  1. The cheeseburger hoagie at Lee's Hoagie House in Pasadena is very similar to that burger.

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      Thanks! Since I'm in Pasadena too, I oughta be able to find it...

      1. re: Will Owen

        Lee's is about a block west of Sierra Madre on Colorado on the north side of the street. It's in the shopping center with Little Cesars and Go-Go-Sushi.

        I've been pleased with most everything we've gotten from Lee's - excellent (and fast) service and quite reasonable prices. (We get take-out from there at least once a week.)

        My one and only complaint is getting french fries to go - they're dumped straight from the fryer into styrofoam containers, frequenly melting/warping the container (and leading me to wonder about all sorts of toxins being released during the process) - also, they don't seem to salt their fries, so if you get them to go, stop off at one of the tables and make use of the salt shaker.

        Now if I could only convince them to add a polish sausage sandwich to their menu *sigh*.