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Dec 24, 2006 01:46 AM

storing fresh mozzarella

should i put the fresh mozzarella that i bought today--to be served tomorrow evening--in the fridge, or can i leave it out overnight? tia

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  1. Leave it out - but in a cool place, maybe a window sill. In other words, think of it as fresh milk.

      1. Eat it now and buy another one tomorrow. Freshness is what it's about, specially if you're serving it to guests. Refrigeration will severely compromise the texture.

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        1. re: Joe MacBu

          completely wish that i could do that, however, in my current location, it is just not possible

        2. Refrigerate, then take it out about an hour or so beforehand to soften and freshen up the flavor. That is what the lovely people at the cheese shop across the street suggested to me and it works great. I am a big believer in refrigeration for dairy (i.e would not store fresh milk/butter on a windowsill, although I am aware many people do this and they're fine :)).

          Hope your guests enjoy!

          1. I have a wine refrigerator that is perfect for storing cheese. You want to keep it around 50-55 degrees if you need to store it overnight. Second choice is to refrigerate it then let it sit out an hour or more before serving.

            Whatever you do, DO NOT go immediately from fridge to plate.