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Dec 24, 2006 12:52 AM

New Smyrna Beach Restaurants

Coming from New Orleans we had fair given up the search to find restaurants in the New Smyrna Beach - Daytona Beach area that served food to our admittedly hothouse flowers picky standards. At home we eat a moderate omnivore organic diet and way too often meals out that less absurdly delicate constitutions than ours have no trouble eating make us frankly physically ill. We have recently found three places in the New Smyrna Beach area, all opened within the last year, we think. Shiki, a Japanese restaurant on beachside, which has another restaurant in Winter Park we have eaten at half a dozen times. I've never had a bad meal but Pam, my wife, has got sick, to her dismay, the last two times. Maybe she shouldn't eat sushi but she had no problems before. I'd still recommend it. Romesco's on Flagler downtown in New Smyrna Beach has superior Italian and other sandwiches for lunch, fabulous wines, excellent coffee and seems so out of place in New Smyrna Beach that I have to rub my eyes every time I go. Apparently they also have great dinners but I haven't tried that yet. Finally the night before last we ate at Dolce Vita on Highway 1 across the road from Beacon Theater. 6 months in business this is a flat out great Italian restaurant. I ate the Saltimbucco which was very fine and Pam had a delicious Pasta with Puttanesca sauce. Service at all three restaurants is professional, the wait staff friendly, the food clean, clear, and of the highest quality. All are moderately priced, lunches running $30, dinners $60 for two with wine and tip. Daytona and Deland we still don't know but NSB has at least 3 places I haven't seen mentioned on these boards.

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  1. Two amendments to the above post. Romesco's is on Canal, not Flagler. My wife suggests I sing the praises of Shikis more highly. I should say every meal and all the sushi I tried was always excellent, fresh, innovative, delicious and never made me sick. My wife's physiological tolerance for sushi may be limited!

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      Give Atlantis Bistro on Flagler Ave. beachside a try. Closed on Monday.

      1. re: markdefrates your wife on Shikis. As a sushi lover, I have tried it 4 times, mostly because I assumed I hit it on a bad night, and that the "good" reviews meant I should try again. But after yellowed, hard edged sushi, each and every time, I give up. Something odd is going on regarding Shikis and the reviews others put out. I won't go again.

      2. You might enjoy Norwood's, especially if you like wine. Whatever they serve that involves seafood is fantastic (except I thought the seafood shepherd's pie was a bit bland).

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          I have never personally found Norwoods that good. I have been going to NSB since 1974 and have eaten their many times always hoping it would improve, but to me it is nothing but frozen, unimaginative "seafood", with a limited fresh fish selection, and your basc everyday fried seafood platter selection. It is all pre-breaded and IMO poorly executed. Hopefully as the town grows we will get better offerings from which to choose. My recommendation is to avoid it unless you have average expectations.

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            I have to agree with you about Norwoods. The only thing I appreciate about it is that it is such a step up from the usual ilk my family in the area insists on frequenting. Being from California, I had to trust their insistence that it is among the area's finest. But now that I've got Chowhounds, I can take part in dining decisions. :)

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              Have been coming to NSB for years.. to be honest have only enjoyed one good meal at Norwoods. The onion soup is good and the blue crab salad but for the rest it leaves me wondering why it is such a popular spot.
              Maggi o

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                yeah, ditto for all the restaurants on that strip

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                  I agree....don't understand the hype about Norwoods. Loving The Garlic next door though.

          2. My sister lives nearby in Edgewater and likes The Patio on US 1 in NSB. She's also heard good things about The Garlic by Publics. I haven't been to either, but when I mentioned this post she suggested these additions.

            1. We went to a fabulous mexican place on Rt. 1 while down there recently. Don't recall the name but just north of New Smyrna (actually it's South Daytona)- looked like an old Pizza Hut building (somethign like that) we stumbled into it starving and found a gem. Lots of awards on the wall too. On the right coming into NS. Found it - Maria Bonita Authentic Mexican Restaurant

              We loved the experience of eating at JB's Fishcamp too.


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                FYI, according to a recent News-Journal investigation, a "grouper" filet at JB's Fish Camp, when tested by a DNA lab, turned out to be basa (a type of catfish). The article's not still online, but I'll e-mail it to anyone's that interested, or you can find it at your library (it ran Oct. 29, 2006).

                That said, lots of people I know are very happy w/JB's. And obviously, if you order the shrimp, well, you know it's shrimp. :-D

                Also heard good things about Maria Bonita; I haven't been yet, because I've been very happy with La Fiesta, Dunlawton Ave. and Nova Road in Port Orange. (Actually south of where you were. . .jsut take Nova up from NSB and you won't miss it, it's on the right after the Dunlawton light.)

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                  La Fiesta was quite good in the begining, but now they are going down the tubes. The Tortilla soup that I loved, now isn't even allowed to cook at all. They bring the soup and the main order out at the same time in a rush to get back to watching Mexican TV near the entrance to the kitchen.The main coure is usually cold.

              2. The best thing at JB's is the setting, watching a sunset over mosquito lagoon, having some p&es, and a nice cold beer can't be beat. The fried shrimp are pretty good as well.
                My favorite spot in NSB is Spanish River Grill, haven't found anything I didn't think was, at the least very good, right on up to excellent. I think the best thing Norwoods has going for it is their wine list, food ranges from bad to acceptable, but have never had anything better than that. There is a seafood market/gift shop/ cafe called Ocean"s Catch on whatever street 44 becomes when it crosses the intercoastal that has the best marinated mussels you'll ever put in your mouth, good smoked fish, great blackened shrimp ceasar salad, and 0 for atmosphere, but get it to go, and picnic on the beach.

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                  I'm curious......... what is a p&e ?