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Dec 24, 2006 12:38 AM

What to put in bread pudding besides/instead of raisins - currants? Something else?

What's best that doesn't make it taste 'not like bread pudding'?

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  1. We use finely chopped apples. Pears work, too.

    1. One of the best things about bread pudding is how well it uses your leftovers, pastries, that is!

      Vary what you use for the bread, sweetbread, challah, even leftover muffins. Dried fruit, the bottom of a jar of jam, drizzle some chocolate chips or shavings or even syrup. Chopped nuts, some brown sugar sprinkled creative.. You can even make a PBJ bread pudding!

      1. I second the chocolate. There's a restaurant near me that has a chocolate chip bread pudding that's fabu. Big chunks, not the standard chocolate chip, served warm. And a nice bourbon vanilla sauce or rum imfused whipped cream could really dress it up.

        1. morello cherries, chocolate chips, candied ginger, toffee bits, peaches, coconut flakes, lemon/ornage zest

          1. Dried or fresh cranberries would be good, and seasonal, too.

            Of course, you could always add nuts.